How many days to wait until file ITEM NEVER RECIEVED?

  1. Hello ebayers!

    I sell more than I buy on eBay...

    I bidded on an item and won it on Feb 13. The seller just emailed me yesterday (15th) and wrote me an email saying...

    I am currently on vacation in Fort Lauderdale Florida and will not be able to ship your item for a few days. I ended all my items early but you must have purchased one before I could end the auction. If this is a major conern and you need your item fast i wll have the item shipped to me here and then i will ship it to you. What would you like me to do? Im very sorry for the inconvienece. Ill do whatever possible to help you.

    I emailed him back and told him it would be silly to have that someone mail the item to HIM, then him mailing it to me. Doesn't make sense. I then emailed him again this morning and told him if he can't get this item to my door by Feb 22, then I want my full refund. This gives him 10 full days from my payment date.I told him I was expecting to get it "fast" since I paid $16.55 for PRIORITY MAIL shipping!

    I am a seller and I know darn well my buyers would appreciate your items shipped out ASAP..

    My question many days ( if any) do I have to wait to file with pay pal for "item never received?"

    I have a feeling this guy may not respond to me until around the 22 to stall and make some sorry excuse. Hopefully not.
  2. Sounds to me like he wants to help figure things out, eBay sellers are humans... Why not forget about the complaint and let him work this out for you, Maybe he can refund some of your shipping cost or something.
  3. I tend to agree with Cheryl. if you really NEED the item and it is no longer sold in stores, I would consider waiting, or perhaps ask him for free shipping for your trouble. but he sounds concerend and responsive which is refreshing to hear these days on eBay. we all have had last minutes trips, myself included....but he sounds very nice. I would just ask for an EXACT ship date and assume for priority mail it will be 3 days to get it....or ask him to upgrade your shipping to overnight at HIS far no alarms are going off about this one! good luck!
  4. You sound very angry at this guy! If its such a big issue then just ask for a refund now and give him time to sell it to somebody else. I usually wait for 10 business days before contacting the seller and asking when/how they shipped. Like cherthompson said, sellers are still human.
  5. It's pretty irresponsible of the seller to have an auction running when he knows he will be on vacation in another state when it ends and won't be able to ship for a while. I think you should ask him exactly when he will return home and ship out your item, and also ask for a shipping discount since you won't exactly be getting the item at the speed you paid for!
  6. I'd ask for a refund on shipping (or at least like $10 of it)....
  7. I agree, it could have been an honest mistake but he should be willing to compromise based on the fact that it was in fact his mistake.
  8. Why would the seller have someone sent the item to him and then to the buyer? that "someone: can just senf the item to the buyer in the first place. :confused1:

    what kind of item did you bought? any chance can be a fake and the seller is just getting time to receive the fake from a supplier first? Just a thought
  9. Thanks for all of the responses so far!
    So far, no response on my emails yet.

    If he suggests anything else, the least I want is my shipping back.

    It wasn't a bag. It is a car part for my car.
    He has recently sold 4 or 5 of the same exact item according to his feedback. I THINK he may not have the item of hand at the moment...He has 2 of the same exact auctions running at the same time too when i was bidding.

    I don't wanan assume too much with this situation. All I know is that I want my item quick!!..Not wait for someone to be done with vacation or have this item shipped 2 x's to get to me.

    That whole having it shipped to him first then to ME, doesnt make sense.

    Besides the whole giving the seller a break, say this guy doesn't write me back til days later...when can I file a dispute to item never received to get my $ back? :shame:
  10. It is always better to resolve the situation amicably than file a dispute. He certainly sounds like he is trying to be amicable. I would give him a chance to make it right.

  11. Yes I will.. I will give this guy some time but in any case if he turns out not to reponsd to me in a lot of a few days, I would like to do something about it.
  12. Update: So the guy emails me back a very short email. Ignored most of my questions from the previous emails.

    he says: Im geting you one now.I should have it in the next couple days and shipped as soon as I get it. Thank you!

    So this means he doesnt have the item in his posession and sounds like he lied about being out of town?
  13. My response to email:

    Which is true? You being out of town and having issues with shipping this to me....Or is it that you don't have this item in your posession?

    I would like a full refund.
  14. I'm thinking that he's waiting for the item to arrive. Aftermarket car parts are very common and I bet he just ordered. He should have them in hand before listing them. Either way I believe the seller have 7 days to ship the item. Just wait until the 20th. Believe me I'm a pro at buying car parts and most of the powersellers with good prices can take up to 2 weeks to ship.
  15. Update: seller refunded me fully. admitted to not having item in his possesion bc he has to buy it directly from a dealer or something.

    at least i got my $$ back...he didnt send the refund correctly...I had fees hoo on that. but oh well.