How many days til Christmas?

  1. Ladies I have been quiet here as I am now on holiday back home in the Caribbean. However I am very excited as my lovely hubby passed through Heathrow yesterday and popped into the Mulberry store.

    My birthday is also in December so he got me two gifts.

    Black forest Bays was not in stock so he bought the

    Black Daria Pouch
    Petrol Daria Pouch

    I am so excited! I just can't wait. Sadly he is hiding them away until December. I will get one on my birthday and the other for Christmas.

    Just wanted to share. Also does anyone own the Daria pouch? If so, how do you use it? Thanks.
  2. Congrats on your early gifts!

    How are you going to cope not using them but knowing they are so close? :smile:

    129 days I believe!
  3. Oooh what lovely gifts, not sure I could wait until Christmas!

    I hope you're enjoying your trip home and the :sunshine: still :rain: here :nogood:

    The Caribbean is so beautiful, which island is home?
  4. DH will hide them so I don't know where they are. I am already hounding him on Skype but he is just laughing and ignoring me. It will be worse when I return to the UK. Hehe.
  5. Thank you. I am from Trinidad and Tobago. My home is in Trinidad though. It was funny as I flew back with the Olympic team. Haha. Got pics and a video of the gold medal javelin winner :smile:
  6. ooo bet you cant wait...but before christmas i have another op :sad: 24th oct erugh kill me now think ill need something good for christmas and maybe a mental splurge on mulberry ;)
  7. Heathrow/Mulberry is a dangerous combo indeed - but very exciting in your case....but CP you will just have to be patient hun.....good things come to those who wait (hehe!).....;)

    Hope you are having a lovely time....:smile:
  8. CP I've seen the Daira in petrol and it is an amazing colour, definately on my wish list :biggrin:
  9. Oh congrats CP, it'll be Christmas before you know it. Pouches are something I haven't fully explored...yet. Lovely classic black and the petrol with different hardware adds a twist.
  10. I have images of your house being turned upside down when you get back, looking for the pouches! Ha ha ha! I'm looking forward to seeing the petrol pouch, they look gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a great holiday, CP! X
  11. I haven't got a pouch yet but Trippy is going and Daria pouch is coming!

    Now that I would like to see!! (The house being turned upside down that is!!)
  12. Oh no! Good luck for that operation. You have been so brave. Definitely get a mulberry treat!
  13. I hate being patient :sad: DH knows this and is getting lots of enjoyment from hiding the gifts. He is so evil. It is lovely being back home with my family and seeing old friends. I have 4 nieces here too, 3months, 3 years and my twin sis has 2 year old twins. They are keeping me entertained.
  14. Yes petrol Daria is wonderful! Such a pretty colour and I love the gunmetal hardware.
  15. They are my first pouches too. I have decided to invest in some good quality SLGs. Also I may be able to use them as clutches.