How many days does it take to get an email reply back from Balenciaga NY?

Dec 2, 2005
I recently have been emailing Balenciaga NY about a bag, and it takes a long time to get a reply.

My latest email has gotten no reply, and I am worried because it included my credit card # in it, so that Balenciaga could charge the bag once it arrived. I was just wondering how long it usually takes, because I'm afraid that my email may have been lost.

Any advice and experience welcome! Thanks :smile:
^ Oh, I totally understand lil miz vixen. I just feel kind of sad and dejected. I wonder why my emails go unreplied... I was thinking maybe they are very busy because of the holidays. :sad:

For those who have ordered, after you give your CC#, do they usually send a reply to confirm that they got it?
when i contact them through email, they actually direct it to Daphne, who is my SA, and she gets back to me usually within the day.
I think that they tell you not to send your CC info through email. but since you sent it, i think they should be getting back to you really quick with confirmation.
sorry..not a big help at all!
Pooh, that actually helped me a lot! At least now I have an idea of how long it should take. For you -> :flowers: I'm just nervous because they have my CC info, and no one's told me anything. Next time I will contact Daphne, she sounds very nice.

Possible silly q:
Do you guys think it is possible that they are not replying because I am only ordering a Makeup, and not a handbag? :s
did you hear anything from them yet? i hope so!
and for the shipping issue, i believe it's free if it's over x amount of $ only, if it's less, then you have to pay for shipping. i could be wrong though, as all the purchases i have made through them have been in large amounts of $$
Pooh_girl, you are so sweet to ask. :flowers: I did finally get a reply back, and they got my order and will charge it once my bag comes. My mom freaked out when I told her I gave her CC number over email. I don't think I will be ordering this way again, it's just way to nerve-racking. Can't wait for the bag though! :smile: :heart: