How many days do you give a seller to ship?

  1. I swear I am getting the slooooowest sellers right now. :push:

    In addition to a seller who apparently fell off the planet, I'm also dealing with another seller who has not yet shipped my item and I'm not sure if I'm being unreasonable. it's been 7 days since I won and paid (I paid within a few minutes). The item is a $900 item so it's not like I bought a car but still :s The seller has 71 positive feedbacks but only 2 recent ones. She was very communicative until after I paid, sending me one email saying she would ship the next day and email me a tracking number. She never did email me that and now she is not responding to email. I've sent her 3 emails over the course of 5 days, one through eBay and 2 by hitting "reply" on her emails to me. Nothing pushy, just a friendly "hey did you get a tracking number yet?". Clearly eBay is not her full time job but she did say she'd ship the next day. How many days is acceptable to wait?
  2. I'd say wait 10 business days after that I would be worried. I have had some super slow shippers here lately too!!

    I won an item last thursday and seller just shipped it on this thrusday!!

    I know when I'm selling I try to ship within 2 days
  3. As a loose rule, I ship items out after as many days as the buyer waited to pay.

    If they pay immediately, I ship next day. If they pay me the next day, I don't feel AS bad to wait one more day. If they drag their feet, I might wait a couple of days. It seems petty, I know, but it has really never been an issue!
  4. I believe Paypal states item should be shipped within 7 days from the auction end. File a dispute - that will speed it up.
  5. I am pretty sure it is 7 days from payment.......
  6. Thanks guys for the responses. It has been 7 days since payment but according to eBay I have to give it 10 business days before filing. Once again, I'm just more bummed about the item. I reeeeallly wanted it :crybaby: oh well. BTW she hasn't replied yet. Maybe tomorrow......
  7. Most people ship straight away - but just like buyers have 7 days to pay - sellers have 7 days to ship. So assume that they took 7 days and then add the days to get to you. I start worrying at about 2 weeks (national shipping) about 3 weeks international. Some sellers have great communication others send nothing and that box just arrives on your doorstep.

    On a side note I have my HG bag (hopefully) in transit internationally - my nails are down to the quick!!!!
  8. I ship as quickly as they pay me!!!! Usually it's later that day, sometimes the next day!
  9. I guess I didn't make it clear. She hasn't shipped it (meanign she never dropped it in the mail) after telling me she'd ship the next day and promised to give me a tracking number. Thats the problem. I'm fine with transit time if I know the items on the way. She's also not answering emails. I suppose its possible she did ship it and just didn't email me, but I don't know. :sad: I was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt, since she probably works full time, maybe has a family etc. but really, how much time do you need? At least email me if theres a prob or if your busy. Plus she asked for immediate payment in her auction, and I obliged. So that ticks me off lol.

    I still haven't heard from her as of today and since Ebay won't let me file a claim yet, I filed one with Paypal. I can still get the item from a retailer right now, so I want my money back pretty quickly since it looks like she's not going to send it.
  10. The most disconcerting thing is that the seller is not responding to your emails - even if to say she is busy/sick or whatever and hasn't had a chance to ship your item. Seller communication is SO impotant - and $900.00 isn't pocket change.
  11. I am more concerned about the fact that once she received your money she basically stopped communicating with you. You seemed to have given her plenty of opportunities to respond to your inquiries. As soon as you are able I would file a claim with paypal. Sorry that this is happening to you.
  12. Sellers must ship item within 7days to be covered by paypal seller protection. Otherwise according to the ftc they have 30 days to ship.

    As a seller I ship within 3 days (I only ship twice a week), and I always send the DC# to the buyer as soon as it ships.
  13. IMO you have already been patient enough! I usually ship within 2 days, depending on my schedule. If I can get everything packaged and ready to go I will ship the next day. 7 days is too long, and I would be ticked that she has not responded.
  14. I also ship as fast as they pay. Not to be petty, but I set my auctions up to where I can ship the next day, provided they pay asap. If they take their time paying, I don't feel bad about shipping 5-7 days later. I also state in my auction, faster pay= faster ship.
  15. Have you tried pulling the sellers contact info? I would give your seller a call, who knows maybe their computer froze up.