How many dark grey matte BE bags can a Belenista justify?

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  1. Just wondering! :graucho:
  2. 2, possibly 3. maybe 4.
  3. Hey, Maria!! That is a good question because next to pewter it is my favorite BE leather. I recently pulled out my LM midi in the dark grey matte and fell in love all over again. It STILL smells wonderful and is gorgeous.

    I think we need two, don't you agree?:rolleyes:
  4. I have 2 and see nothing wrong with me getting a third or even a 4th : )
  5. I would like to start with one!!! Please, just one!!! (But that might be bad 'cause then I would start asking questions like maria's) ;)
  6. Yep I agree - Maria's in a dark place - a dark grey handbag place!
  7. ^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I was lost the minute i discovered grey bags... I dont know how i've managed to survive without them for 35 years!
  8. I agree completely!

    I never owned a grey bag--nor wanted to--until I bought my BE dark grey LM and it is my favorite all time color. I see nothing wrong with owning your favorite leather in several styles if you love it. I really never get tired of it. It goes with everything and looks really classy. Just gorgeous.:tup:
  9. I have one, but I absolutely think that another in my future!

    It is really a perfect color and leather combo: casual yet polished, and goes with pretty much everything!

    The dark grey matte leather is just amazing. I love it so much. The only thing stopping me (aside from my purse ban) is that i have no clue which bag to get. I love my SMM, so I'd probably go for a more structured bag. But who knows!
  10. Several!!!

    Any other questions????!!!!
  11. I had sworn that a dark grey matte TMA would be sufficient but I was using mine yesterday and had the creeping feeling that I could do with another style too one day.
  12. Me too... I could justify this leather in, at least, two different styles... like a TMA and a WTM! LOL
  13. I do love my dark grey LM regular.... I wouldn't get it in a TME as it's too similar, the WTM is not really my style and I have one hug me which is enough. I do love the dark grey - what I would love is the RM Nikki made in the dark grey - maybe the new BE hobo will win me over....
  14. I love the dark grey!:drool: I just love my LM Midi to bits. If any Belenista finds another style that grabs her, go for it!:tup:
  15. The dark grey is so pretty and unique. I always think there will come a day when it's not available and you will be thrilled that you had more than one dark grey.