How many colors did the monogram graffiti come in?

  1. I heard peach, turqoise for the VIP graffiti and green and white for the monogram graffiti. Did they make a peach monogram graffiti keepall?
  2. White is technically "silver" :yes:
  3. 3:
  4. whoops...doesn't look silver lol. Not like I can get one, but I can always dream right? I really want the peach one but can't even find it on eBay~ -_-
  5. The white/silver used to confuse me too.
  6. hope this helps
    white /silver
  7. Nice bag~ well now I wanna know if they actually made a monogram graffiti keepall or speedy in peach?
  8. ^^^I wonder as well, I've only seen the peach on the graffiti almas.
  9. There's a Peach Pochette on LT:

  10. Here's a picture:

  11. I'm pretty sure that there was a peach speedy
  12. 3 Silver Khaki (Green) and Peche (Peachy Orange colour)
  13. Thanks for the pics, Michelle1025.
  14. No problem, anytime! :smile:
  15. I love the peach..I still love my pochette :love:
    Great pic, Michelle!