How Many Colors 4 Chanel 2.55

  1. can chanel lovers here please enlighten me?? thanks :wlae:
  2. hello.... no body wants to tell me?? :sad:
  3. ok.. would like to rephrase my question.

    what are the still AVAILABLE colors NOW for the 2.55 medium classic flap new from stores??
  4. It depends on which store? Because each store has the differnece stocks.
    You better go to the Chanel store and ask about thier stock or find the location,phone no. of each store in then call them up.

    I know that in Costa MESA,ca...There are only normal colors (black,off white) left. but the S.A. told me that they will have a lot more stock at the begining of Nov.

    So you should check on each store by yourself.

    PS. the color that eBay SELLER claimed that sold out still available at some stores though.
  5. i hope who ever knows will post up information here.
    else what is the purpose of this forum??? it is to share our information right?
    like those topic on maintenance and other things, people can just call up the chanel and ask. what for need to create a topic here.
  6. Yes, this is definately a forum to help other Chanel lovers, however a question as wide ranging as what colours are currently available, is almost impossible to answer. Some Chanel stores get returns, so you may find a pink in store, but its not actually from this season! Black, white blue fonce and beige are readily available in most stores at the moment, red is impossible to find, but you may find some silver reissues in other stores. If you do a search under 2008 you will see a list of what is going to be coming out next year. Also, some countries have a special colour bag released, which also makes answering difficult.

    The point of going to the reference librarys is to help you actually see all the colours that are available as you may find one that you love there. If you have no Chanel stores close to you, then contact Chanel directly and they will advise which stores can ship to you.

    I find everybody on here so very helpful, so take some time to look around the site, and all your questions can be answered.