how many color GST comes in....

  1. just wondering how many color does the GST comes in??
    and what is the most desirable and most sought ( sp??) after.
    i 'm in the process of getting one but can't decide what color to get.. help plss??? :confused1:

    and if i'm not planning to get from the store , what was the:okay: reasonable price to pay for a almost brand new one if you are buying it on eBay or private sale for example?

    appreciate your help on this very hard decision:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  2. When I was at Hirshleifers yesterday I saw:

    -White w/SH
    -Beige w/GH
    -Burgandy/Brown w/SH
    -Black w/either GH or SH

    I love the beige one or Black with SH.
  3. hows the burgundy/brown IRL.. is the price in canada higher than in us?
  4. pink
    red lamb

    I'm sure I'm missing something. You may try a search, this is asked once in a while.
  5. The Burgandy/brown I think there was a special color name for it. It's like on the tip of my mind just can't remember. Well it's a nice color for fall and I'm not sure whether the prices in Canada are higher. But I just looked on eBay and there's another fellow TPFer that is selling her practically new Chocolate Brown GST. You can check it out and maybe do some research on it.
  6. I think the burgundy brown is the new dark bordeaux.
  7. In silver?? Wow??:nuts: Haven't seen that one yet!! Can someone ,please, post a pic of the Silver GST??

    Q: Do you have to pre-order a GST?? and does it come in a box??
  8. is pink still available? thanks!

  9. I don't think it is necessary to pre-order, at least for black & beige, I have seen those in stock in the stores. Yes the GST does come in it's own box.
  10. Hi. :smile: The silver is the same color as a small pochette I have... it's a really pretty, a pewtery, metallic color. I think I got mine a few years back, and it's no longer available in stores, so your best bet would be eBay. :smile: I think most GST's (at least those in non-seasonal colors) are readily available, and you can just purchase one in store. I had my dark brown shipped home to me, and it came in a huge box, with the GST inside the usual black Chanel box. :smile:
  11. Thanks Fieryfashionist and Jbcesq!
    I want a blackone with silver hardware. I'll be brussel friday, and I'll check it out there. I hope I'm in time for the price increase and that'll have it in stock!
    It's gonna be my first Chanel:love:
  12. I saw a silver one last week and it is really gorgeous! I love it!!! :heart:
    I want to have one too. Too bad its not available anymore...:search: