How Many Coats Do You Own?

  1. I was thinking of buying a new 'investment' winter coat, but when I looked in my closet, I realized that I have ten coats. All of the coats were bought on sale, and were all probably under $150 (I wait until the end of season, and then you get some AMAZING deals), but that is still ten coats. How many is too many? How many do you own?
  2. Ummm..... Well.... I have maybe 25 :shame: And that's down 10+ from last year when I did a mini-purge. It's too many though; I'm not suggesting that amount for anyone:lolots:

    I often buy coats the way you do - on sale, at end of seasons, etc.

    I'm in Massachusetts where it can be below freezing from November through May (or October! we got a random snowstorm two weeks ago) so a few coats are needed but not as many as I do. I've gained some weight the past five years so they are split across a few sizes as I'm hoping to get back down to my earlier size :blush:

    I do think fewer, better coats would be better.
  3. I think about 15-20 would be a gentle estimate. The one allsaints coat I love, I bought two off even.
  4. I, too, have far too many. But I often purchase them on sale at the end of the season, too. I have a different style and color for almost every occasion, and I enjoy having stand-out colors and styles. So while I appreciate the idea of having quality, investment pieces, I also enjoy having many different styles and colors.
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  5. i think 10 too... i seem to buy one every year.
  6. I'm curious - For those that have lots of coats, is it related to dressing professionally for work? For me this is part of the reason I have so many. I have waist-length, around knee-length for shorter dresses/skirts and suits, 3/4 length for longer dresses and skirts, and full length for pant suits and/or when it's really freezing. You mix in colors (brown versus black, some reds and others) and the result is lots of coats!
  7. i have 30 or so, maybe more. i seem to buy to many lol
  8. 28 is my lucky number. Perhaps 9 or so are for work.
  9. For me it's related to climate. I live in the Great White North where it's important to look glamorous in the snow. :cool: And there are only three months out of the year when one doesn't need to wear a coat. I have 22 coats, which is shameful I think, but I love them all.

    I have three parkas...a day-to-day one, a rugged-looking 20-year old parka that I wear when working outside in the winter, and a massively heavy and warm pink suede Victoria's Secret parka that I wear when DH and I go to the theatre and it's below zero.

    I have a full-length "eskimo" coat that's designed to wear in the Arctic, and is made of heavy wool, layers of quilted Thinsulate, and includes a fox fur hood. I wear that when the outside world seems too frigid to maneuver through without it. I also have a full-length down coat.

    I have several full-length faux fur coats and one short jacket, which are all fun and cozy.

    I have vintage eBay finds, mostly brightly checked Pendleton car coat-length jackets. Sometimes in the winter it's so dreary you just gotta wear something bright.

    I have a trench coat.

    I have barn jackets I wear in the fall and spring when walking the dogs.

    And I have two standard black wool coats, one long and one short, for business and dress.

    I feel bad, I have three closets stuffed with coats and jackets. But I do wear them all and can never decide which to toss.
  10. ^^^ Then I have another closet stacked with all the matching/contrasting scarves, hats, shawls, gloves and mittens to go with the different coats. Below them stands a line of coordinating snow boots. That's another issue. :p Can you say 'winter fashion fun'!
  11. I have 5 staple coats at the moment:
    - black wool/cashmere burberry trench
    - stone burberry rain trench
    - black leather jacket (to be purchased shortly)
    - vintage white mink short stole
    - purple goretex puffer ski jacket with faux fur hood

    I think that pretty much covers me for all occassions, activities, weather conditions and the range of temp we have (rarely goes below 0 deg C).

    Of course I have more coats than this, I have 2 more knee length coats, a puffer, a non-leather biker style jacket, a peacoat. But I'm attempting to purge these as I realise I hardly ever wear them...
  12. i have 4 coats...

    one is like a's down coat and down to about 3 inches above my ankle. i've had it for almost 10 years.
    one i got it last year for 40%'s shearing, fur on the inside. so warm and stylish...
    one was a long black 90% cashmere coat. not that warm but looked very professional.
    and one was short coat (right below my bottom)'s the oldest coat i have and still look pretty brand new to me.

    for people who have 10+ you get to wear most of them?? i got 4 and i don't really wear them all...
  13. The title made me laugh...and I'm glad to read that I'm not the only insane one with so many coats! :p

    I have 11 Burberry coats and 1 Northface coat, which I'm happily admitting that I wear ALL of them.
  14. You guys make me feel so normal.! I have about 6 or 7 coats(not including jackets) and want to buy more but felt like I had too many. Thanks for the green light.:smile:
  15. I have..
    - a beige trench coat
    - a black down feather one (engl.?)
    - a dirty beige parker
    - a black wool coat
    - a black poncho-style coat

    That`s all. 5.