how many coach wristlets do you have?

  1. hi everyone! i just started collecting it i got two. but will have more :yahoo:
  2. ummm..6 i think
  3. none...but I have 3 mini skinnies, if that counts.
  4. Just one...the holiday pattern from this year. I love it!
  5. Two: one black sig and one wine sig.
  6. Just one, the legacy stripe one, but I have a feeling I'l be adding more!
  7. I only have the khaki signature/ebony Legacy wristlet. But it matches my bag and is the only one I need right now! I'll be checking the outlet and planning for a spring bag and wristlet after the holidays.
  8. just one.. the suede beaded berry wristlet.. I love it!!
  9. I have like 5... Let me see if I can find the photo I took...
  10. I have one in brown signature. I don't use it as often as I like to.
  11. None, but there are 2 I really want.
  12. hmm why is my post nott on here?
  13. ooh wrong thread sorry :sad: (embarrased)
  14. Ok I have four, plus a cosmetics pouch...

  15. i sold one so I only have one framed mini signature lurex, and will probably add 2-3 more before december.