How many Coach mommies are SAHMs?

  1. After seeing what a stir this subject caused on a different thread, I just had to ask. Oh; not because it caused a stir . . . it just made me wonder how many of you were out there. I'm just curious. Really. No-o-o-o-o fighting on the subject, ok?
  2. ME!!!!:wlae:
  3. I am a proud sahm with 3 kiddos :tup:
  4. SAHMs? :shrugs:
  5. Sorry . . . Stay-At-Home Moms
  6. Me!
  7. Does one year and half count? I only stayed at home one year and half and came back to work since last year. I know how hard it is to stay home:sweatdrop:
  8. :queen: MEEEEEE! I am the Queen of my castle! I have 4 boys! Jake (11...almost 12), Luke (10), Zack (8) and Erik (4).
  9. me too
  10. I had a baby 4 years ago, stayed home for a semester because of a C-section, then went back to school and trying to take care of a baby and get decent grades. Now I work part time and am going to start Nursing School in August so I'm going to quit my job and go to school full time. Going to school and taking care of kids is soooooooo hard!!! There is hardly any time to study unless I get out of the house and to the library!
  11. MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Mine are 8 and 5, and are BOTH in school F/T now, so I am enjoying some free time to myself!!!!
  12. ME!! I have two boys ages 3 and 1!
  13. Oh I get it now. I don't apply to this thread then. LOL! Unless having a puppy counts as being a mother...
  14. I am a homeschooling, SAHM to 4 children. We have 6 kids but 2 are out on their own now. I've been a SAHM for 21 years and homeschooling for 15 years. I'm also a Pastor's wife so while I'm not paid to do what I do, the benefits are out of this world! LOL!
  15. Only if the year and a half (or any other time frame) includes NOW. Maybe I should have said "How many SAHMs are staying at home now?"