HOW MANY coach items am i allowed to list @ once without them blocking them?

  1. Hi everyone im new new new to eBay and i have a few coach items i want to list (6 to be exact) and i only have 4 up now and so far so good but im scared

    can i list the other 2 or are they going to like put a block on me or say i cant or say im selling fakes cause they are all the same brand?!?!

    Im scared cause ive read posts here in the eBay threads of people saying they had eBay pull stuff saying it wasnt authentic when it was, or not letting them list over a certain # of "designer" brands stuff

    please help!!!! Cause i really want to list them but not till i know its safe!!!! :smile: THANKS EVERYONE! :smile:
  2. There is at least one seller who has 8 Coach bags currently up on eBay - but the limit may vary depending on your history. I was just blocked from listing more than two Marc Jacobs bags - apparently that's the limit for every 7 days. I have over 100 positive feedback but this is the first time I've tried to sell any MJ bags. I've written to them trying to get this unblocked...hopefully they'll respond.
  3. I have over 1200 feedback and I have listed 40 or 50 coach items at once with no problems.

    I think it definitely has to go with your history, and Coach is considered a lesser bag than LV, etc on ebay
  4. Most of the Coach on eBay I have bought come from sellers who have numerous ones for sale.

    I think it is KEY to say: "This is from my own personal collection - Im cleaning out my closet!"
  5. I just got blocked for having 2 and I have 6+ years history selling on ebay with over 200 feedback. I'm also appealing it with trust & safety!
  6. Miri the bag in your avatar is GORGEOUS. Who is it??? Details, details! Thanks!
  7. Aw, thank you!! :flowers: It's my newest baby - a Marc Jacobs Brigitte leather perforated satchel from Resort 2005/2006. :love: I just got her recently on clearance at Neiman Marcus Last Call after lusting for her for over a year and a half! They had it in dark chocolate, whiskey, and white. I got all 3 because I went TOTALLY BONKERS in the store when I saw them there :nuts: - am keeping the dark chocolate for myself, sold the whiskey to a dear friend (and fellow TPFer) at cost, and er...not sure yet whether I'll keep the white one. It is really cute but can I really justify having the same bag in both colors? :rolleyes: I thought I would NEVER be able to get this bag!
  8. I personally had over 100 feedback all for designer handbags and items and most of them Coach, and I was limited to 9 per 7 day period when they started that mess. I've heard of people who could only do 2, some more. I think it just depends on the seller. Not sure how they determine that.
  9. ohhh I saw those when they first put them out at Saks. I wanted one but too pricey. What did you end up giving for it??
  10. The colors were different prices but they were about 50-60% off. :smile:
  11. ^^^Great deals, but still whopping price tags I bet. I remember them being astronomical prices for "holey" bags. hehehehe
    I LOVED them. I remember just standing and staring at the mannequins wearing them on display wishing I had watered my money tree and maybe threw on some miracle gro! LMAO
    It looks absolutely amazing in your avatar photo.