How many Coach bags this year?


How many Coach bags this calendar year? (private poll)

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  4. I plead the 5th....

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  1. So, after my haul at the outlet on Black Friday (which I will post in a bit) i was thinking about how many Coach bags I bought this year, and wondered if I am please share

    Private Poll coming....
  2. Well, in my defense this is the year that I discovered tPf! I had only purchased one bag before discovering tPf (Khaki/tan Carly in February), but since the summer I have purchased 4 more - sig stripe reversible tote black/white, black leather gallery tote (outlet purchase), plum belted ergo and choc sig Leigh. I have two more coming before the end of the year - british tan gallery tote (outlet purchase) and juniper leather shoulder, for a grand total of 7 bags this year. I used to average about 2-3 per year so I'm up a bit on my purchases this year. and Im already starting to think about what to get for the Spring!
  3. i know, me too - i cant wait for the spring line - i really want to venture into some jewelry too...

    and since joining tpf, i am venturing into other bags as well....
  4. I've been bad this year, ;) including ones I've bought, returned, or sold, 11!
  5. I've been good this year. So far 7. And I might get a Carly this year.
  6. I don't know for sure because i returned some and bought some, but I think it's somewhere around 9 maybe?!? This isn't including gifts is it, cause then it would be ALOT more! :yes:
  7. I put that I acuquired 9 but I know it's more than that because I've bought and sold all year. I've ended up with a collection of 9 though so that's how I answered the poll!
  8. I bought and sold a ton this year, too. But in the end kept 2.:p
  9. I brought 7 this year;)
  10. I think six...
  11. 5 bags (not including wristlets and such) but if Coach ever decides to send me a PCE card, I'd have 6...
  12. 11...
  13. I have three, but i've pretty much gotten one every 2 months since July. If that makes sense!
  14. i bought only 4.

    i mostly bought shoes though, because now i have moved onto LV bags.
  15. I have also bought and sold many over this year but have managed to keep 2 of them.