How many Coach bags do you have?

  1. I have 11! Ack! I don't need another bag but want to get one with the 25% off.
  2. 2 smaller purses
    1 large tote
    1 wristlet

    Looking to add the Ergo...
  3. I have 3.
    -Carly Signature Medium Khaki/Chambray
    -Duffel Medium Brown Signature
    -Pink and White Hip bag
  4. yikes! i think i have 20 at the minimum...
  5. I'm down to 10. :biggrin:
  6. Somehow I have gone from 1 in October to 8 right now...strange how that happens :shrugs:
  7. Just started my collection last July so....

    Small Soho leather hobo in Tobacco w/mini skinny

    Hamptons black signature swing pack w/matching wristlet

    **NEW** Weekend Scribble Tote w/wallet and "T" Charm

    Brown leather wristlet

    White Leather iPOD nano holder
  8. Wow, I just realize that I've went from 1 to 16 since the FIRST WEEK OF FEB07. These include wristlets and wallets.
    Talk about broke.
  9. I don't really want to "know" the exact number but at least 20.
  10. I have 6 right now..Hoping to add a few months in the next few months :yes:

  11. I am down to only 1 now...I had several before but I sold them all.
  12. Not sure... 10-15.
  13. 2 (swing pack and pearl clutch)
  14. 9

    for now ;)
  15. I have 8 right now. I want 2 more. My ban is not going very well. :shrugs: :rolleyes: