How many clocks did you have to change?

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  1. For those subject to the time change today, how many clocks (or "timekeeping items") did you have to change?

    I counted 23, which includes the two thermostats, the answering machine, coffeemaker... yipes! We need to get more of those radio-controlled clocks! :P Good thing the computers and cell phones make the change automatically!
  2. Two. Microwave and cell phone. Strange. Usually my cell phone updates itself but not this time for some reason.......
  3. Everything I have pretty much updates itself: my computer, cell phone, alarm clock, etc.
  4. all my timing mechanisms are controlled digitally so I didn't even remember it was time change time!
  5. oops...gotta do it still!!
  6. about 4- stove, radio, radio in another room, and my darn cell phone! (I thought it does it automatically??) Our car updated itself LAST WEEK! how strange!
  7. Oh no! I completely forgot the cars. Thanks for reminding me!
  8. I only use the clock on my comp and phone. They both changed themselves.
  9. My car, my alarm clock, and the microwave. I will probably continue to forget about all fo these- I have not done it yet!
  10. Our clocks changed last Sunday (it's always the last Sunday in March) and I had to change my mobile and my watch. Everything else changed itself!!And my fiance happened to use my car and changed that...
  11. None! I live in AZ and we don't do the daylight savings time.
  12. Probably about 4. TV and VCR and then bedside and the battery run clock in the kitchen.
  13. Microwave, car, watch, cell phone, bedroom clock - 5!
  14. watch, microwave, bathroom clock, bedroom clock, kitchen clock, my son's bedroom clock, the living room clock, and car clock - 8
  15. I haven't changed any. hehehhe...