How many classic or reissue do u own?

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  1. just wondering how many classic or reissue flaps that one can inspire to own?

    what's your 1st and last purchase of flap?

    over how long?
  2. Bought my 1st Chanel Jumbo black caviar flap this January and expecting my 2nd DS 228 reissue to arrive this month. It has been such a long wait :girlsigh: My love for Chanel has grown so deep that I am so tempted to get more...... but I will have to be on purse ban until the end of the year :crybaby:
  3. 3 medium flaps and 3 e/ws
  4. I have own 1 small, 3 med, 1 jumbo, 3 e/w and 2 reissues
  5. 4, 3 medium classic flap and 1 reissue
  6. My first Chanel is Caviar white classic flap, then black lamb skin classic flap.

    Then a tiny black metallic 8"x5.5" (don't know what's name of this size) came along , 226 dark silver 07,226 light silver ,225 purple metallic ,225 gold metallic and 224 dark silver 08.

    Waiting for the 227 red metallic.
  7. so far, I only got 1 classic flap :sad:
  8. 2 classic - med and jumbo, 2 reissue - 226 and 227

    bought last year before the price increase (thanks tPF for the heads up)

    ( don't really intend on buying more flaps - happy with what I have and they are getting too $$$)
  9. one jumbo, one cambon large tote, one timeless clutch, a medium flap, medallion, cerf, and a small quilted pochette with a chain from about 6 yrs ago
  10. 2 flaps : jumbo classic and XL vintage, 1 timeless clutch if its consider classic..more i've been a bad girl lately *spank*
  11. 2 classic flap : white caviar & black lamb skin.
    7 reissue 2.55 : Dark silver07 227 ,Dark Silver08 226 , Dark silver08 224 ,purple metallic 225 ,black metalic 224 , gold metalic 226 ,gold metalic 225 ,Light silver 07 226.

    First I don't like the reissue metalic at all....Finally I found myself falling in love with them.
  12. Just 1 for now...metallic black reissue 226.
  13. 3 classic flaps, 2 reissues. FOR NOW. :graucho:
  14. only 1- meduim classic flap- wish I had more though!
  15. I have a medium flap an a mini flap - I have 2 others but I'm in the process of selling them.