How many CL lovers are Manalo lovers too

  1. Just curious how many of the CL devotes are also into Manalo as well and why.
  2. When I was younger, I used to be into Manolos. In fact, my first pair of really expensive shoes were Manolos. I was still in college at the time and I remember saving all my money from my PT job in order to get them. I ended up getting a few pairs but I haven't purchased many for a few years now. I bought the bronze knotted d'orsay at the last NM sale because it was only about $200 but I have yet to wear them.

    For the most part, Manolos remind me of my mom's shoes. The designs are very stagnant - every season it is the same shoe, different fabrication or adornments.

    However, I must say that today, I was at Barneys and I was very suprised to see an MB shoe that caught my eye. It was a kidskin patent leather sandal in a delicious shade of tangerine. Because it was kidskin patent, it had this wrinkled leather effect to it, which is hard to explain. I forget the name of it now but it was beautiful. I didn't try it on since I am wearing tights today but I will absolutely be trying it next time I am in the store with bare legs. I should add that MB shoes are much better quality than CL shoes are lately. I think that MB shoes are all handmade, where as I doubt that is the case with CL nowadays.
  3. Oh and they are more reasonably priced than CLs too, easier on the bank account!
  4. I just received my 3rd pair of Manolos today. I love the classic look they have. :smile:
  5. I have one pair that I absolutely love. They are so comfortable and cute. I check other Manolos out from time to time, but nothing has really appealed to me.
  6. I had a pair of beige pumps but I never wore them so now my mom wears them! :biggrin: I'm just so in love with the classic CL look that I don't buy many shoes that aren't CL.
  7. I have literally dozens of pairs of Manolos, but right now Louboutins just feel fresher and sexier. I'm on a bit of a rampage...I've been buying Louboutins for a couple years, but in the past couple months I've bought 6 pairs with more on the way. They're a bit addictive, especially now that they're on sale all over the place!
  8. I only have 1 pair of Manolo's, but I did see a pair from cruise that I really like. There are also a couple of pairs from summer that I am stalking to see if they go on sale.
  9. I do not have any. I have seen a few I liked. Nothing has forced me to pull out the check book as fast as I did for CL. The D'orsyas are sharpe, though.Also the dressy night time shoes.
  10. I second cjy's sentiments. No shoe designer ever made me want to give silly amounts of money to except CL. I actually didnt have any designer heels prior to CLs.

    I think Manolos are pretty though and a sound choice for a shoe and few do D'orsays like Manolos they are so delicate and elegant ...although Atwoods come close in my opinion.
  11. I was addicted to MB before I become a CL addict.. now I don't even look at MB anymore..
  12. i love cls but there is something about manolos too. i don't have that many, just the classic designs that i like -- the campari, the cabbage and the sedarabys in red and silver. cl shoes are so much more exciting to look at most of the time.
  13. I think some Manolo designs are absolutely stunning, but like others have said, CLs were the only ones I was willing to pay so much money for. I don't really know what it is about CLs...but they are quite hard to resist!
  14. I think MB are much more delicate & feminine than CL, which are much more sexed up, IMO.

    I primarily buy CL, but the pairs of MB I have (silver, baby blue suede & camo sedaraby; mayah sandals) I just think make me look like such a "lady."
  15. I have some manolo's, I agree with the other responses, Manolo's are very classic and refined where CL's are just so sexy and beautiful.