How many cities are too many?

  1. Would THREE bbags in the same style be too many :blink: ? I was thinking I should get a first, yet when I had one a while back I couldn't fit much of anything in seems to be *my* size and I'm contemplating buying ONE more bbag :rolleyes: That would make three of the same size in different colors...:shame:
  2. Absolutely not! If it works for you then go ahead. What colour are you thinking of?
  3. I totally agree!
    You can never have too many b-bags and city is my favorite size too!!
  4. Never too many! Go for it!
  5. The City is a great style and being that there are so many different and wonderful colors to choose from three is definitely not too many.
  6. Twinklette, when it comes to Balenciaga bags, "too many" does not exist :yes: ;) :graucho:
  7. Ohhh just do it! You've got two fabulous colors already! You should go with a blue yes? Go onto the other side of the color spectrum! ;)
  8. That's the same thing I was thinking! I have 2 city bags- and for my next Bbag I wasn't sure if I should choose another style. I have been looking at different styles by everyone's pictures here!
  9. TWINKLETTE- I can't stop drooling over your aviator! Everytime I see it I have heart paps!!! Love those bags!
  10. No! What's wrong with the same style? The colors are so varied, it really doesn't matter at all - as long as the style works for you!

    (by the way, I say this -- having four citys, and three classiques ;))
  11. Aw thanks zacorey! ;) :P

    As for blue, I am not a blue all. I *really* want a seafoam or greenish shade, but might just opt for black :amuse: as it matches everything. And pray for a seafoam to come along someday when I can save the $ for it :rolleyes:

  12. The only time that would be possible is when you have every color city available and there are none left:lol: ;) Get another:yes:
  13. go for it!!!!!!!!!!! i have 4 works, 3 weekenders, 2 citys .. etc..and my collection keeps growing..........these bags are the best!!!!!!!!,
  14. chaussurewhore, i'd love to see a family picture of all of your lovelies! did i miss it? is it in another thread? :graucho:
  15. cal your avatar's hilarious love it lol :lol: :love: