How many Chloe items do you own?

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  1. 'only' one paddy is dark red. :biggrin:
  2. 4 - An Edith, a paddington cross body, a leather cuff, and paddington mocs.
  3. Only the one.

    A Tobacco Paddington :biggrin:
  4. Re: How many Chloe items do you own?

    After taking out my new Paddy tonight I'll have to say, "Not enough".....:idea:
  5. 5 handbags--all purchased since Christmas--all on sale :yahoo:

    Chocolate Patent Betty
    Anthracite Paddy Tote
    Mousse Paddy Buckle Bag
    Black Silverado Hobo
    Chocolate Large Tracy Tote

    I am SO DONE! :graucho:
  6. I just bought two new Chloe python bags to add to my list. I think for the first time ever I might have to consider putting myself on a ban! They were both so amazing, I couldn't help myself!

    I bought the small python Betty bag in lilac and a medium blue python silverado...I am so happy now!
  7. ElleB and Greeneggs,

    My sister Nathlie and I (in 2005), when we saw our first chocolate Paddy at (Neiman's?) in Chicago...during the Month of May had decided, that a purse like that, just couldn't get any better. We oooh'd and aaaaaahd over the leather and that darn padlock. Middle sister wasn't so impressed but we were. Not only that we talked about that fool thing for hours driving back to St. Louis?

    But we never popped nor sprung for that bag. I always felt that the price was crazy high and Nat did too but nonetheless she would hunt and hunt for a deal.

    When Nat started to score Chloe steals in November, well that was all she wrote, soon I was jumping in on the band wagon. So between the two of us we have purchased 6 Chloe bags. All stunning, all on sale and all perfect. However the bottom line means this, we now have to pay those bags off but hey:love: :love: :love: It will well be worth it!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love:
  8. A mere two... :P

    1 Paddington satchel - jaune
    1 Paddington Hobo - grenat
  9. I saw your pic of the jaune. It is such an awesome color! Very nice.:yes:
  10. Just the one - a gold Silverado I bought from NAP last year.
  11. I bought 8 since December, but took back 4. Now I have:
    Tracy -- ---- Grey/Black
    Paddington Shopper---- Black/black
    Med Edith----- Jade
    Betty Satchel -----Choco patent
  12. Beanie
    You are my hero!
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