How many Chloe items do you own?

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  1. BTW, I couldn't find the sunglasses on LVR under Women's Accessories, do you know what they're under, chloe-babe?
  2. do you remember the heart shaped ones! I loved those, but my little girl sat on them!!! they were pink, soooo cool!!
  3. I'm loving the latest chloe sun glasses too, I've been eyeing the ones on pages 15 and 16..!!:love: Oh does LVR sell sunglasses too..? :nuts:

  4. Oh yes! :yes:

    What a pity... :sad:
  5. It was actually Nieman Marcus site I was looking at for the glasses (looking at far too much stuff right now :graucho: )

    but its nice to get an indication of the price and the look! link here

    Sunglasses Chloe - Neiman Marcus Online

  6. Thanks Chloe-babe for the link:flowers:

    :love: :love:

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  7. ^^ Thanks for the link! :biggrin:
  8. [​IMG]

    Gorgeous! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Do you know if anywhere has them in the UK, yet, chloe-babe?
  9. I have just emailed eyewear enquiries at Chloe to ask when they will be available in the UK and if they will be stocking them just in the boutiques - I have not seen them anywhere else to date.

    Will let you know as soon as they get back to me :yes:
  10. Brilliant!

    Thanks so much, chloe-babe! :biggrin:

  11. I had this fab pair aviator sunglasses with purple fade lenses, but I lost them in Mexico. :crybaby:

    I feel your pain chloe-babe! I'm still sad about loosing them.
  12. ^ :sad:

    Actually, I haven't been able to find mine for a while, either, but at least I'm pretty sure they're in the house.....somewhere! :rolleyes:

    My BF has a habit of moving things and then forgetting where he's put them and then refusing to look for them, because it and I quote; 'Stresses me out.'! :blink:
  13. Actually, I have started my collection recently. I get to like Chloe very much. I bought a Kerala Bowler and a Patsy Lambskin Bowler.
  14. This has been a big week for me--so I'm update my collection

    Paddy Satchel in Blue Jeans Moyen
    Paddy Satchel in Whiskey
    Silverado Anaconda Tote in Mastic
    Silverado Python in Natural with Brown/Gray
    Chloe East West Bouler in Blanc
  15. i got:

    2 mini paddies in whiskey and castor
    black hobo
    camel bay
    black shopper
    whiskey tall edith
    black patsy
    camel wallet
    aubergine clutch
    brown wedge

    11 total!