How many Chloe items do you own?

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  1. I have the following:

    (1) terra-cotta/brick red leather medium Silverado
    (I should really sell this bag, I never carry it, and it is such a pretty color, too.)

    (2) chocolate patent letter chain-handle Betty

    (3) chamois large Betty satchel

    and, on its way:

    (4) black patent large Betty satchel

    I just ordered both of the Betty satchels, and hopefully will be able to make a decision!

    In the past, I had a beautiful whisky Paddington and a whiskey Edith. The Paddington, gorgeous as it was, was never once carried, and after it sat perfect and lovely and untouched for several months, I contacted Neiman Marcus and sent it back. It just wasn't "me"!

    The Edith I did carry, but after a while, it didn't seem me anymore, and that one I sold.

    I've never been sad about the Paddington (if we had been meant to be together, I would have carried her!), but the Edith gives me a pang now and again. The leather smelled so good!
  2. Yes, I know...I'm totally insane. Especially having TWO of the red paddys from different years! I actually forgot to include two chloe calendar agendas, the original make up bags in black, red, tan, and the dark blue...all from '05 with the little locks on them. On one of my trips to London about 2 years ago, I saw the Chloe tan writing notebook with the darling lock at the CHLOE boutique on Sloan Street. Of course my husband was with me in the store and said, "now what would you need THAT for?" Since I couldn't think of any actual REASON at the time, I stupidly didn't buy it! However, as fate would have it, I saw it on NAP about 6 months ago! Well, no hesitation this time! I bought it and it has been sitting in the closet ever since. (He was right, of course I didn't NEED it, but when did that ever make a difference!! LOL) Anyway, I also have the newer little make up bags in whiskey and chocolate. I almost bought the noir as well, but somehow it slipped by and my daughter bought it! Oh, almost forgot...I have a Betty small clutch in black. :nuts: So that's about it! Whew!!!:rolleyes:
  3. Two Paddington Satchels, one in Jeans Moyen and one in Whiskey. Love them even though they weigh a ton!

  4. Tell me about your small front pocket. There's a large one too but I'm curious about the smaller size. Do you like it? How does it's functionality stack up with your other Chloe's (in this fabulous collection).

  5. Beanie baby!!!!!!! From one sick collector to another I salute you, LOL. No I can't even touch your Chloe's but I know the collecting bug well (in other venues) and your letter made me laugh!:roflmfao:
  6. :shame: Only two. But I just bought my first Paddy in December, receiving her in Jan. ;)

    At the end of Jan, I got a Better.

    NOW THOUGH .. I'm expecting one more next week (secret! I'll show you later!!) AND I'm working on one or two more. Probably will only allow myself the one more.

    So that'd be a third for Jan./Feb. And hopefully a fourth in Feb.

    Then I've got to go back to Coach for at least a scarf and get that Dior and oh yeah - that Large Edith Satchel. :shame:

    Just you watch, ladies. Give me some time and I'll prove to be the WORST! (Don't tell my BFF, he said if my Paddy's my dream bag, then I only need one. Au contraire!!!)

    Ooooh, Roxane! I need to see this collection!! And list inventory with photos. :nuts:
  7. Wow, you like the cream/tan bags. So how long have you been collecting??
  8. But I think the tie-breakers are the two See by Chloes. :idea:
  9. Tell me about it! I touched my Paddy and knew bag love:heart: like NO other :love:

    Then I saw Chicky's Mousse and :drool: and UNDERSTOOD the multi-Chloe obsession/addiction.

    Now actually, after BINing my third Chloe', I've got Chicky beat!! I can't be mad, lol. ;):P

    My first was in Chocolate :heart::heart:
  10. Oops in my first post here "Better" should be "Betty." Doi.

  11. Ah, but what if chloe-babe has some See by Chloes she hasn't mentioned? :biggrin:

    BTW, I've received my vintage Chloe Cuff Bracelet, so that's 28.
  12. Yep, I do have lots of see by chloe and I didnt even mention my sunglasses!

    But See by Chloe is not (IMO) the same at all!!! ;) :biggrin:
  13. ^ I agree. :yes:

    I forgot my sunglasses, too! How many pairs do you have?

    I only have the one. :biggrin:

    So, that's 29 for me (excluding See by Chloe).

    This 'competition' is funny! :lol:
  14. I have the fab fold up aviators in the tiny box (love them) and the big goggle ones from season before last in black. But while we are on the subject, oooh have you seen the new ones for this season on the Chloe website.

    You cannot pick a specific page on their site, but if you pop into Spring 07 collections here!


    have a looksie at page no 13 and 15 (I want them badly!!!!) they have them on LVR.

    I bought a fab new pair of Dolce & Gabanna ones last week (as you do in the middle of Jan ;)), but I so want these babies!!!
  15. ^ I know! I love them, too! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I also like the ones on page 18. :yes:

    I like them better than most of the bags, TBH. :biggrin:

    2 pairs? We're even, again, then!!! :lol:

    BTW, I have the graduated green ones from S/S 2002 - the ones Kate Lawler wore on Big Brother! :lol:
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