How many Chloe items do you own?

  1. I own:

    3 handbags (2 paddys & 1 silverado)
    1 traincase
    1 belt
    1 pair boots

    so 6 total.

    And geez, do I want more!

    I know someone can beat me! (Where's hmwe46? LOL!)
  2. LOL!!

    Alright, alright I am guilty of owning:

    5 handbags 9 (3 paddy's, 1 loaf, 1 silverado)
    1 clutch
    4 pairs of shoes

    for a grand total of 10 Chloe items! :wtf::nuts::push::supacool:

    D&G, can you top that??!
  3. Ohhh, this question makes me nervous... hahahhah...

    Bags - 5 (6 when my VERY, VERY LAST purchase before the ban comes)
    Wallets - 4

    hmwe46, you're the champion!!! :wlae:
  4. Uh-oh... :shocked:

    I forgot my seldom used large paddington tote (trying to sell her anyway so maybe I can *really* get down to 10 items!!)

    Make that 11 Chloe items

    D&G where ARE you!?!? Please say you have more Chloe's than I do or DH is going to have PROOF that I have completely lost my mind!! :hrmm:

  5. Only two! :crybaby:A Paddy and an Edith. Definitely need more!
  6. 7 bags (4 of them clutches!). Hopefully due to be 8 bags, soon... :graucho:

    1 x large coin purse and 1 x continental wallet, that I also use as clutches (looooove my clutches! :heart: :heart: :heart: ).

    3 x belts.

    1 x boots and 1 x Grecian style sandals.

    10 x pieces of jewellery. Soon to be 11 (I found a [true] vintage Chloe cuff on eBay, which I'm almost positive is authentic). I love jewellery at least as much as bags.

    So that's a total of 24 different items - soon to be 26! :blink: :nuts: :sweatdrop:

    Hope I haven't forgotten anything!

    I also have a keyring, which I'm not entirely sure about the authenticity of, because I bought it from eBay and the box is a little odd... :s

    So, I haven't posted it on tPF, or added it to the total.
  7. WOOOHOOO Chloehandbags you ROCK!!! :yahoo:

    ... and now I can officially tell DH that there is someone with more Chloe pieces than me :graucho:
  8. Wow. You guys take some of my guilt away...:smile:
    4 bags and working on finding my 5th. After that...da PURSE BAN is on!
  9. ^^ LOL! :lol:

    How long have you been collecting, though? I bet I've bought less items per year!

    Don't tell your DH that, though, of course!!! ;) :lol:
  10. I just started so only two...

    One bag (black and gris vert Tracy)
    One wool military coat
  11. shhhh... I have only been collecting Chloes for a year :nuts:

  12. ^ Ah, I see. :yes:

    I got my first Chloe item (a Continental Wallet with Amber Resin [which I still adore and use a lot! :heart: :heart: :heart: ]), new from NAP, in S/S '03; so I only really average about 3 things per season/6 things per year. :yes:

    In fact, until today, I hadn't bought a Chloe item from a season later than A/W '05 - '06!

    I've just been working it out - the most I ever bought in one year (A/W '03 - '04 to S/S '04) was 16 items (7 bags, 2 belts and 7 pieces of jewellery). So, only one more bag than you. :yes: Plus, most of my bags are clutches, not big bags.

    BTW, your secret's safe with me! ;) :biggrin:
  13. 13 – all Paddys in various styles
  14. Wow! I, sheepishly, have only one Chloe, but it's the amazing clutch I just LOVE and I always get compliments. It works with dressier outfits as well as a sweater and jeans which is why I love it so much!
    Chloe clutch (2).jpg
  15. You have amazing collections ladys..!!:drool:

    I have 6 paddingtons:
    -craie loaf
    -sable medium/regular sarchel
    -taupe medium/regular sarchel
    -tan large sarchel
    -muscade large zippy
    -mousse large pocket belt paddington

    1 paddington wallet with lock in gazelle
    1 beaded evening clutch
    all together 8
    + chocolate paddington make up clutch which is waiting for me in the customs - so tonight it will be 9 chloe items in my collection :p