how many child(ren) is enough for u? tubal ligation or vasectomy - which do u prefer?

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  1. I am contemplating on the thought of getting my tubes tied, once I give birth to our 2nd baby next year.. I am just curious as to why there are some couple who have their hubbys do the vasectomy instead. Any ideas??? :confused1:

    I have about 2 acquaintances whose hubbys have undergone the procedure, instead of them getting tubal ligation... hmmmm....

    *pls move my thread, if I posted this in the wrong forum.. I was not sure if it should go on the health & fitness, relationships or pregnancy - since the topic is somewhat corelated with each other. ;)
  2. personally, i've always wanted 2 children. so, when i was pregnant with my 2nd one, i asked my doctor about tubal ligation. however, i was not allowed the procedure and the reason was my age:s..i've to wait until at least 35? my friend who was 31 when she had the 2nd child was told the same thing.

    there're side effects related to these procedures though. can't remember exactly what they were...i'm sure some other ladies would be able to add info on this.

    i would also like to know more about this...
  3. Many couples have the man undergo a vasectomy because it is a simpler procedure. Unless a woman is having a c-section, it is more complicated to do a tubal although it is easier than it once was with laproscopic techniques. Still, tubals are more expensive, carry more risks and are more difficult to perform than vasectomies. They require incisions placed near the navel under general anesthesia while a vasectomy is an outpatient procedure requiring only local anesthetic. Tubals increase the risk of ectopic pregnancies.

    While the medical establishment doesn't talk about it very much, many women claim to have had "post tubal ligation syndrome". The tubes contain many hormone receptors, so in some instances when the tubes are cauterized it can cause hormonal fluctuations. Additionally, some people claim that when blood flow between the tubes and the uterus is disrupted it can cause symptoms like mood swings, severe menstrual cramps and bleeding, etc.

    You might want to discuss PTLS with your physician or look up information on your own before you decide. Some dr.s regard it as a real issue while others dismiss it as "all in a person's head".

    So the simple answer is that a vasectomy is cheaper, easier, carries less risk and is an all-around simpler thing than a tubal ligation!
  4. I'd only want two children of my own and perhaps one adopted after that! I wouldn't feel right making any more then 2 children though, but that's me. Of course I don't have kids now, but I've thought about it for the future I'd only want 2 of my own at most and maybe throw an adopted child into the mix.

    Also I'd rather have the guys tubes tied then mine :smile:! I'd be too chicken.
  5. I would prefer the vasectomy since we "as in the woman" has to go through the nasty side effects of birth control, pregnancy, and giving birth - the man should definitely take one for the team! :yes:
  6. :yahoo:Totally ! It's a small incision for the man and a simple procedure. A tubal ligation is much more invasive. I think its called a fallectomy in a woman ?

  7. I completely agree and have had this 'discussion' with my partner several times - he's worried that it might hurt!!! :wtf: I'll let him watch me go through labour and see if he's any more prepared to have the snip. :smile:
  8. I totally agree! After giving birth to 2 children there is no way I would have surgery. Also, to answer your other question, two children is enough for us. I sometimes tell people I have 3 if you include my husband.
  9. a vasectomy is also often reversible, while tubal ligation commonly isn't. So if the couple should end up splitting and new partners enters the picture and the situation alters, the man will have a bigger chance of reversing the procedure than a woman.

    But since I imagine that most people don't think that way, I assume the most common reason why would be because it's a much smaller procedure for a man to undergo.
  10. I have three children and after my last two years ago had a tubal. I was only 30 at the time and even though my doc asked me a few times to make sure that I wanted it, they did not deny me. They did however, make me sign a paper saying I was absolutely sure (I was and still am).

    I did have a c-section and this was one reason why I decided to have the procedure instead of my husband. As for healing, I didn't know any different b/c I was healing from the c section as well. Two year later I feel great, have normal periods and am very happy with my decision.
    I do have to say if I didn't have a c section I would have definitly had my husband get a vasectomy. Good luck with your decision.
  11. We want two or three children, but ours are going to be spaced widely (5 years) apart. DH is all for the vasectomy route and I agree. We'll be doing that when the time comes.
  12. I always thought I'd get a tubal when I was finished having kids. Now, there's no way in hell. Mostly because I'm paranoid! I've had 3 patients over the years that tied their tubes and later lost their precious children! The worst case was a patient whose five boys were instantly killed by a drunk driver. Obviously, this isn't the norm, and having other children doesn't replace the ones you lost, but boy it made me think!
  13. I totally agree with you. That is the least they can do for us. ;)
  14. DH and I have had this conversation several times in the past. We both only want 2 children. Depending on how I give birth will depend on which procedure we do, but one of them will definitely take place! He has no problem getting it done if I do natural.

    My cousin had her tubes tied after her 2nd child and she was only 21.
  15. thank you all Ladies for your input and ideas... it was very helpful. :tup:

    I am really curious why there are some men who would like to have theirs tied/snipped rather than theirs wives. hee hee *evil grin*