How many charms do you wear?

  1. Do you wear one charm or more at a time on your bag? I have 2 on mine currently (lips and initial) but may just go with the lips. Not sure how many starts to look like too much.
  2. Usually only one at a time (I have my lips one on now).
  3. I would just use one on a bag, but I've seen two that looked okay before. I don't use any on any of my bags at the moment.
  4. i'm loving the charms...i think two or three on a bag is great, depending on the size and color of bag./charms
    i've also bought them to hang from my wristlets as well!!!

    can't wait for new ones to come out!!
  5. i just use one. but i think the initial charms look good paired with something else.
  6. I have 2 on my tote right now, my lips charm and gold apple charm. They look really cute together!
  7. ^are the lips eating the apple, lol?
  8. LOL, kallison!

    Anyway, it depends on the bag and the charms. On my brown sig gallery tote, I just use my owl keyfob. My other charms don't really go with that bag.

    On my whiskey shoulder bag and on my khaki/gold swingpack, I use both my "K" charm (this year's, so pink/purple) and the new signature flower charm. They look really cute together, especially on the swingpack.
  9. this terrific lady came in one day to pick out a pair of sunglasses.

    she had the shoulder bag in whiskey

    and three charms hanging off the zipper exactly like our bags!

    it looked terrific.

    i only have one because of the ali.

    i'm thinking about the carly (which actually has two loops on the zipper, one specifically for the charms) so i'll probably get two or one additional ones.

    first save though :smile:
  10. Right now on my tote I have the Initial charm & gallery tote keyfob...they are both purple so they compliment each other. But usually I only use one charm on a purse...especially if it's a small bag like a hobo.
  11. Well, if the apple disappears I know who to blame!

    I'm tempted to put more than the 2 that I have now because I love my charms so much! LOL! I may start accessorizing my accessories!
  12. I have two on my bag right now, my clover and a non-coach charm.
  13. Right now, I generally either have none or both of my charms on my bags. I have the pig and the Gemini zodiac charm. I love how they look together!
  14. anyone have picz of their bags with charms on them ? :smile:
  15. I have two on mine normally. I switch them between my legacy bags right now. I just ordered the lips and Love charm to put on them during February.. I'm a cheese ball. :smile: lol