How many charms do you use at the same time?

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  1. I have Mr. Snail keyfob, the 3D strawbery keyfob, and the pink/white daisy charm on one side of my Prada, and Mr. Turtle keyfob on the other. There leather strawberry charm when it arrives soon will also join Mr. Turtle :shame: I do wonder sometimes if that's too much bling all at once :lol: How many charms do you use on your bags?
  2. i usually use a max of 3 charms at one time. usually my initals io and either gemini or lips charm at the end.
  3. i use one at a time
  4. It depends. No more than 3. However, I usually just have one on my keys and maybe one on my bag. I never have more than one on a bag.
  5. I have 2 on my chili carly. The 3D strawberry is hooked to the zipper pull and my script heart is at the end (with the dogleash). I also have a few on my keyring.
  6. None. I never put charms on my bags.
  7. I have 2 on each bag, but as I was changing purses today, I was thinking of putting a 3rd...but I didnt.
  8. I only use one at a time. I alternate between my turtle, fish and apple.
  9. I have two right now on my bag
  10. I would say 2 charms, usually an initial charm and then another one..such as a flower :smile:
  11. I usually have one or two depending upon the bag.
  12. one
  13. Here is my one and only charm.
  14. 3 max
  15. Usually just one. The only time I use two at a time is when I put the "?!" charms on!