How many Chanel wallets do you own?

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  1. Ok after lusting over Jen's new dark silver wallet I'm itching to get the same wallet in Black metallic. Not sure if this style comes in black but if so that would be bad for many of us:yes:. I find that I'm not only obsessed with bags, but love Chanel wallets as well. That brings me to the question of how many Chanel wallets do you own? I currently own 2.
  2. Only one. Cambon black/w. white long wallet

    I really want a PNY zip around wallet and a solid black long Chanel wallet of some sort....but i keep buying too many bags so I have not been able to find money for another wallet. LOL
  3. I had the black PNY wallet, and loved it. I sent it back to Chanel because I could not justify 3 wallets. Sad to say that I will probably get it again if I can find another one.:smile:

  4. Only one small black classic flap wallet, but haven't used it yet. Waiting to get a flap so I can put it in good use! But I want a long wallet as well! luv4bags, which wallet were you referring to? I would love to see it and dark silver and black metallic(would love to have the reissue but no $$ right now:cry:smile: definitely sounds hot!
  5. Nevermind ladies, I just saw hers and it is so f**king GORGEOUS! I definitely want it!!
  6. I just own one. The black Cambon/w white CC's.
  7. PNY white. The problem is I also own LV wallet and Hermes wallet. How many wallets do I need??? And I am loooooooving the reissue wallet!!!!!
  8. I just own one-I don't like to change wallets,too much stuff in them so I only own one and of course, its a Chanel!
  9. 4 total. PNY black, black Mademoiselle long wallet, black caviar zip around, and a blade metallic wallet on chain (does that count?).
  10. None. I can't justify spending over $250 on a wallet when I could put it toward a bag. I'm weakening fast though each time a pic is posted so never say never!
  11. I don't own any either. As much as they cost, I would rather save the money and put it towards a bag as well. Although I do really love the precious symbols stuff and would love a wallet in that at some point, if I can fork over the cash. *L* That will be the hard part.
  12. I feel exactly the same and am totally wavering to the dark sied 0f wanting a $650 wallet. aaah!
  13. I know Sheana; if I wanted to have $650 hiding inside my bag I'd rather it be in the form of cold hard cash! :biggrin:
  14. I have two Chanel wallets; cambon one black with white cc's and a gold one, also have a pink Chanel credit card holder. However, I LOVE Chanel wallets and plan on buying 3-4 more! I am crazy and I know I could get 1 and a half bags for the price of all the wallets but I love them too much!
  15. Only one PNY wallet.