How many Chanel Sunnies do you own?

  1. Well, ladies, I now own 3 pairs of Chanel sunnies...
    5076 black w/mother of pearl
    4048 clear with silver CC's
    4053 pink w/pearl

    I can now rotate my shades to fit my mood/attitude:nuts:

    Of course, these are in addition to a pair of Armani, two pair of Gucci and one old pair of Ray Bans (from the 80's)
  2. None for me.. :sad:
  3. 1 at the moment..but it will be 2 soon!
  4. 5 pairs:

    (2) 6014 in black/silver CC and brown/gold CC
    (2) 5080b in black and brown tortoise
    (1) 511Q in black with brown quilted leather arms
  5. 2 Pairs:

    5030 black w/silver CC's
    5076 white w/mother of pearl
  6. 1 Camellia sunglasses
  7. just one so far, not sure of the model. they are a purpley-blueish color with CC crystals on the side.
  8. 1, giant ski ones but will hopefully find the black with white Camellia ones soon.
  9. just one pair, the 5076 black w/mother of pearl ones too!
  10. I only have one pair :smile:
    They're the 5095 B
  11. Just one -- my aviators. I had the brown mother of pearl ones, but my bf lost them at the airport!!!! :cursing:
  12. Black with silver CC
    Brown with Large silver CC
    Rimless with crystal CC
  13. one pair: 4017 brown tint gold trim.
  14. Seven
  15. only one
    black 5065
    If they still made them i'd buy 3 more pairs!