How many Chanel boutiques/franchises have you visited?

  1. I have been to, in London, T3 and T4 Heathrow airport, Selfridges, Bond Street and Sloane Street.

    Overseas, NYC, Rue Cambon in Paris and New Delhi (I can't remember the name of the hotel it was in).
  2. Haha..that's a good question!

    I just visited all 8 Chanels in HK & 3 in Tokyo & 1 in Toronto, just in November only. Before, I've been to those in Montreal, NYC, Tysons Corner & Rue Cambon in Paris as well.
  3. Let's see - all three in NYC plus of course the counters at Bloomies, Bergdorf's and Saks, Short Hills boutique and Neiman Marcus, In San Francisco, the Chanel boutique. Overseas, all of them in Hong Kong (at least 9 that I can count off the top of my head), the boutiques in Singapore, Sydney, and Thailand.
  4. Harrods, Barcelona, Saks, Neiman's, and one in London (don't remember which one). Did I make purchases at all of them? No. My favorites are London & Barcelona. (So far)
  5. I'm pretty spoiled, because I have 7 Chanel B or Dept counters within a 1 hour radius from me and I have been to all 7. So during sales I hit them all!
  6. haha, I haven't been in much, Neiman in Fashion Valley San Diego and Chanel Boutique in South Coast Orange County.
  7. I live in London and have only been to Selfridges, Harrods and Slone Street- I can NEVER find the Bond Street Chanel I always get lost when looking for it!
  8. I've never been in a chanel boutique, just chanel @ Neimans.
  9. I've been to 2 - the boutique in Singapore and the boutique in Malaysia.
  10. Chanel Boutiques: Palm Beach Gardens, Orlando, Bal Harbour, NYC, Boston.
    Chanel Saks or NM: Charlotte, Boca Raton, NYC.
  11. Chanel Boutiques: Beverly Hills, SCP, Las Vegas, NYC, Boston

    Chanel Nordstrom: Topanga

    Chanel Saks & NM: Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Boston, NYC

    Chanel Bloomies: Chestnut Hill, MA; SCP, NYC
  12. -Chanel San Francisco
    -Chanel at Neiman's San Francisco
    -Chanel Orlando
    -Chanel at Saks Palm Desert

    And of course the Chanel cosmetics counter at my local Macy's :p
  13. unfortunately we only have two! one in sydney and one in melbourne.

    iv purchased from sydney, and over the phone from melbs - visiting melbs in march to get my J12 :dance:
  14. ive been to the one on bloor in toronto, the chanel departments in holt renfew, southcoast's chanel, rodeo's chanel, saks' chanel, beverly center's chanel. lol
  15. Chanel Boutiques ~
    Beverly Hills
    South Coast Plaza
    Las Vegas in Bellagio and Wynn.

    Department Store Chanels ~
    Neiman Marcus in BH, Newport and Las Vegas
    Nordstrom Topanga
    Saks in BH, Palm Desert and NYC
    Bloomingdales at South Coast Plaza and NYC
    Bergdorf's in NYC

    That's all I can think of right now but I am sure there are more hehe.