How many Chanel bags since finding tPF?

  1. Since joining, I've accumulated 3 reissues: dark silver, patent black, dark white. That's just in a month!! This subforum is feeding my new addiction.
  2. So far I only have 1, but I'm looking forward to start a chanel family. First off I need to find my chanel bag a mate and then we'll start having dozen of babies chanel in the near future :p
  3. Only 1 for me
  4. hey pretty girl! Love seeing you in here, how are you!?

    Both on track, just 2 bags for me, and a wallet.
  5. Just 3. I'm keeping things simple in the 07.
  6. well, i purchased a total of 3, but returned 2, so i have one (in addition to one chanel bag i had prior to tPF)
  7. 4 Chanels..LOL..EEK!
  8. 2 chanels. Can't wait for more.
  9. 3 for me! i wanna add so many more! heheee
  10. 3 within my first six weeks of joining - Black MC flap, Black timeless clutch, Khaki Coco Cabas...I am sure there will be many more to come!!!!
  11. I was stricky LV and Jimmy Choo all I want is Chanel :O

    Just one so far...
    but I'm in the process of getting my patent and then made the decision to go with a Modern Chain too.
  12. OMG! It just hit me, I started collecting Chanel like 5 months ago and I now have 9 bags and 4 accessories! No wonder I don't have any room in my closet anymore :wtf:
  13. 3 and counting...
  14. Two - both since I found TPF. And one, the Baby Cabas, only because of the Purse forum. And hopefully many more to come! I don't see a purple in the spring line, but surely there will be one in the fall!
  15. Three! I went from NO Chanel to a black Reissue with silver hardware, a metallic black luxury bowler and a baby Cabas in khaki!