how many Chanel bags have you returned/ passed on due to quality issues?

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  1. i waited so long for the black caviar boy w/ ruthenium hardware, and today i just returned it. the caviar leather was dull and felt thin & almost dry compared to other caviar leather bags i own. i own coach bags that are better quality!

    before this caviar boy, i had to return 2 so black chevron bags b/c the lambskin leather was crumpled and all wrinkly. after the second return, i decided the bag just wasn't for me.

    what's been your experience?
  2. I haven't had any issues to the ones I've ordered/purchased. But a few weeks ago I looked at a few black caviar on the classic flap bags and the bags looked fake. Something about the caviar didn't look or feel luxurious at all.
  3. The only Chanel pieces I've had to return was a wallet from 16S that had a hole in the bottom, I hear they were made like that but who wants a hole in their wallet? Also a Casino Charms Pouch from 16P because the lambskin was wrinkled like someone had squeezed it...not sure if that was a quality issue but more likely someone handling it too much? I am very grateful to my SA's that look my Chanel pieces over with a fine tooth comb so I never have to deal with many issues & I'm grateful :smile:
  4. For most of my bags, the first one I got was perfect, but for the Chevron So Black, it literally took me FIVE tries to get a perfect one. And then I realized earlier this year that the hardware on the CC turnlock is turning slightly green, so I had to bring it in for repair. I have a bag feeling that it's going to come back and there will be some other issue with it during transit. Sigh.
  5. Just returned a jumbo caviar last month. One side of a quilt not stitched down....almost 3/4" long. Returned 2 other bags in the past 5 years, one of those just this past Dec. Frustrating!

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  6. ugh. that's horrible. if it weren't purchased directly from the store, i'd think it was fake!

  7. Omg that is horrendous!!! I cannot believe that passed QC!!!!
  8. I had to return my first ever purchase a black caviar jumbo shw. Because part of the quilt looked flat in comparison to the rest of the bag. I made a thread about it on here somewhere I'll try and find a link. I went back to exchange, however ever single caviar bag (I looked at at least 6) had obvious flaws and I wasn't being overly picky. I know that the perfect bag doesn't exist.

    So I ended up with the exact bag but in lamb. All of the lamb bags I looked at including the boys were absolutely perfect I could not see a single thing wrong! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462526521.164791.jpg
  9. I also have the so black chevron jumbo. Have you noticed any chipping on the hardware ? Or just the color change. Some of my links are chipping where they rub the metal holes they go through on the bag. I've attached some black silk ribbon through the holes to prevent it from getting worse but I haven't really heard anyone else complain about the hardware chipping like mine.

  10. Oh my god... that's awful!! I haven't had any issues with chipping, but I've had a number of threads start to fray and get loose. When I dropped off my bag to get the hardware switched out for the discoloration, I'm having them re-stitch part of the strap too. Have you thought about taking it in to get the straps changed out? (I have no idea if they would do it or not, maybe they'd say that was normal wear/tear as opposed to a defect... ugh.)
  11. I returned the Classic WOC 3 times. First had obviously loose threads, second was visibily scratched on one corner, third had very visibly crooked flap and the CC logo.
  12. Yeah I may try. I figured it might be a continual problem and just keep happening that's why I was hesitant. But if yours has held up maybe I should take it in. It's not horrible and I'm sure no one sees it when I carry it. But I know it's there and I'm a little OCD about this stuff.

  13. I'm totally the same way. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who ever noticed the hardware discoloration, and even when I brought it in, I had to explain it really explicitly to the SA because she wasn't seeing it at first. But I mean, the point of buying a bag with black hardware is to actually have black hardware, right?

    Re: the chipping issue, I will say that I only used my bag maybe... 10-15 times in a year, so it wasn't like I was taking it out all the time. I really hope that it doesn't become an issue in the future.
  14. Well good luck with your bag. I covered the small chips with a sharpie marker and added the silk. I will see if it prevents further damage before I send it away.
  15. so luxurious and beautiful!!!!!!