How many Chanel bags did you see today?

  1. How many people did you see carrying Chanel bags today? So far, I've only seen one today when I was dropping off my little one at school. I have a feeling that it was not the real thing though, it was a cambon bucket but looked a bit strange....
  2. 0...however there are 3 or 4 ladies at my job that carry fake cambons. I'm bound to see one of them when I get to work.
  3. Well, it's only 9am here, but I may see one/week if I'm lucky! LOL!
  4. I don't run into too many ladies with Chanels unless I go to the mall. In my building there is a very chic girl who drives a Mercedes and dresses impeccably but carries a fake cambon tote.:yucky: Before that she used to carry a fake LV ellipse.:Push:
  5. Interesting! I have seen two!! Chanels in my two years here in CHarlotte
  6. Only one very bad fake at the tanning salon! Go figure!
  7. 0...i'm home sick today. but i rarely see real chanel in my city. usually only when i go shopping in upscale boutiques. tons of fake cambons around though.
  8. None yet today but I saw a fake on Friday. She interviewed for a clerical position here. I normally only see them at the Mall.
  9. The fact that no one sees a ton of them makes me like them more!!!

    I mostly see Coach, D&B and LV aorund here, so I really enjoy not having the more mainstream bags.
  10. None today BUT at lunch yesterday I saw a Cambon Tote Black with white....(that is the first one I seen in a LONG time here)
    Like Swanky said I see LV DB & Coach ALL OVER THE PLACE HERE ..

  11. Yes, it has the same effect on me. I see mainly Coach and LV (mainly fakes) around here.
  12. i just saw one today...didnt go anywhere was visiting family, I loved the style but hated that it was suede!! Can someone plz tell me the name or the #...ill try to explain it! On one side of the bag it looks like a classic flap, however, when u turn it to the other side it has two small flaps...hmmm I dont think I explained it right :sad: Sorry its me just talking nonsense
  13. Just saw one today...was at the SHM and caught a glimpse of a stunning black reporter--took a second look and noticed that I was seeing a reflection of mine in the glass:P :shame: ...:love:
  14. That's priceless!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I dont ever see them at my job, Only when I am out shopping or at a function.