How many cellphones did you ever had in your entire life?

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  1. How many cellphones did you ever had in your entire life? What are those? What age did you start having your own cellphone? Which one do you love the most and why?
  2. 5 so far:
    Nokia 3210- Siemens M??- Sony Ericcsson t86i- Sony Ericcsson t630- Motorola MotoRIZR.

    I got my first mobile phone with 15; the first one was a highly controversial Christmas present, while I bought all the others myself.

    I also paid/still pay for the phone calls, text messages and eventual repairs/accessories.
  3. My first was when I was about 14/15, I got a Nokia 5210 lol, then I got a Panasonic G something, then it was a Samsung E800, then a Sony Ericsson W800i. And my latest phone, a Samsung z400 :smile:

    So that's 5, but I want to update to the Prada phone when I get the $$$ :smile:
  4. okay.......this is kinda weird for a 12 year old.......Ive had 4 so far.......
  5. uhmm...It started when I was 14? the first launch of a non-GSM phone... I can't count them all.. It's crazy and too many to mention... I'm not kidding!.. my fave is my new n95 and 8800 :smile:
  6. 6 so far:

    - first one was in 7th grade which I lost because I left it in my bag and someone stole it. My friend made fun of it because it was yellow and back then everyone had black phones. But now everyone wants a colored phone!
    - the second was a *really* huge brick that belonged to my dad. I had to use it because I was being punished for losing my first phone :p It was sooo embarrassing.
    - third was the 90s Classic: Nokia 5110 in black. I think everyone had this phone at some time!
    - fourth was the newer nokia after the 5110...can't remember the name but it was always difficult to take the back off :push:
    - fifth is a samsung one. I don't remember which but it was trendy at the time, lol!
    - sixth is my current samsung flip phone.

    It's terrible because when I buy phones I always want the latest ones with all the cool features...but I am too cheap to use the extra features like access the internet so my phone is never used to its full capacity.
  7. In France everybody had a mobile/cell phone by 1997.....BUT NOT ME !! Because I would had had to pay all the bills myself and I couldn´t, being a broke student.
    In 2000 though I really needed 1 for my professionnal contacts since I was never home but in my senior year, sooo I bought that HUGE cheap Motorola that worked with a prepaid card, I still call it the dinosaur (super thick, with an outside antenna !)
    2001 : moved abroad, bought a Nokia 3310
    2002 : Nokia broke, the battery wouldn´t last more than 2h, bought a Sony-Ericsson with color screen, the 1st ones yes !!
    2003 : Sony-Ericsson broke, some of the keys wouldn´t work anymore ! Got a new Sony-Ericsson
    2005 : Bored with the Sony Ericsson, upgraded to the Samsung, feminine that you flip to open....still going strong, I hate spending money in mobile phones....
    so that´s 5.
  8. Four....teen....hundred. 1400 phones!
    Beat that!

    I've noticed that you have a thing for cell phones...
  9. About 7 or 8 I think. I went through a phase of buying loads when I was early teens but I haven't bought a new one for a couple of years now.
  10. My first cell phone was a Mitsubishi. I forget the exact model number. I then switch to an Ericsson (again I don't remember the model). After that, I switched cell phone providers entirely, and I got a Audiovox 8900. Then, last year I switched to a Motorola V323. I know they're not very fancy, top of the line phones, but I don't care. I don't need half the bells and whistles that most of today's cell phones are offering anyway. Then again, I was looking at that (Product) Red Razor the other day. I would love to have it. It's a hot color, and it supports a good cause. What could be better?
  11. One - don't see why I have to change especially when all of them are becoming bigger.

    Nokia 8210 - 1999 when people had the brick 3310 with the snake game. I want the snake game, LOL so I went and bought a Nokia. The shop says this Nokia also had snake so I bought it.

    Don't see the reason to change and every time I have a new phone I always sell it off to someone somewhere. By now I think the savings for continuing to use this old phone must be about £1,500 ($3000)!.


    BTW, I am not counting Blackberry. That is strictly work (e-mail only) and given for free by the company. When I left, I asked whether they want it back. The answer is no so it just sits in its box as a souvenir, LOL.

    @Charles, Asian people are more into electronics (just like Americans are into their gas-guzzling cars) - a HK colleague bought a phone every single month because he feels like it. As long as you have the money, there is nothing with that (although gas-guzzling cars are bad ;)).

    P.S. Excuse the dust, LOL.
  12. oh let's see.. i got my first one when i turned 14. a nokia 8110. then i had a 3210, an 8210, a 6230, 7610 and now i have an 8800. there might have been one in between the 8210 and the 6230 but i can't think of what it might have been :confused1:
  13. I think I've had about 7-8 cell phones in my life... I currently have a crappy Verizon Razr. :sad:
  14. 3...Nokia, Samsung, and crappy Motorola Razr

    I'm looking into getting the new Samsung which flips two ways and has qwerty keys
  15. 7... started when I was 15 with Ericson and then Nokia, Sanyo, Samsung, LG. Now I'm using Razr... urgh.