How many CC's (or other cards) can fit into a mini skinny?

  1. I'm just wondering if it will be big enough for the essentials that I need to carry.
  2. You know I don't know how many, but I've seen them stuffed like an inch or more thick!
  3. I don't put too much in maybe 3 at most but that's because I have lots of cash & coins stuffed in as well.
  4. Right now I have 5 cards in it.
  5. I put cash on the inside, and in the outside pocket I carry about 10. It stretches over time so you can tuck more in it. LOL
  6. At the moment I have 4 in there but I also have a handful of cash and change and receipts :smile:
  7. Mine doesn't have a front's just a basic plain one. But it fits quite abit for how little they are.
  8. Right now I have 9 in mine (inside) and I could probably have 9 more on the other side of the fold, plus a few on the outside. They actually hold a ton!
  9. i keep my phone (yes my phone INSIDE) ID, license, school, debit card, two or three gift cards and recipts in my one little skinny and it doesnt look too bulky or anything.