How many CC logos would you wear at ONE time?

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  1. I was shopping today and because it still is not very cold, I was just wearing my jacket and this long, black, large wool CC scarf that I love:
    After purchasing a new pair of shoes and carrying them in the Chanel black shopping bag, I started to feel a bit ridiculous.

    So here I am, walking down the street... carrying a large black Chanel shopping bag that has a logo and wearing a scarf that has a huge bulls-eye CC logo above my knees (the scarf is very long), Chanel black toe flats and a Chanel purse that has a gold dangling CC logo hanging from it.

    I was actually wearing my gold Chanel earrings but they were not too visible and of course no one could see my wallet and make-up case... I was even wearing a tiny Chanel belt, but it had leather in the front, so it too was not as visible and no way was I going to put on my Denise Richards sunnies!

    I actually took off my scarf and stuck it in my shopping bag because I didn't want to took like a fashion victim.

    Opinions, please. How many VISIBLE Chanel logos would you wear at one time?
  2. :lol: I am TOTALLY picturing you walking around and it dawning on you! Cute story!
    I guess it depends, but maybe 2{?}
  3. Ha! Good question. I guess I would wear a bag and shoes (2). If I happen upon Chanel Boutique to buy something, then I guess three. Well maybe 4. I have a J12 watch.
  4. i bet you looked marvelous !!!!!!
    i don't you could ever do to much chanel.. in one outing..
    lol send pics of your new purchases...
  5. This is too funny! I just thought about this myself on Friday as I am strolling in Napa and caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. I wore my CC sunglasses, CC logo earrings, and DS tote. I think next time I will just wear my diamond studs when I am wearing my logo glasses. But I do have the best excuse in the world "CC" is my fiancee's initials!:roflmfao:
  6. Lol..I've sometimes had my Cambon flats, one of my Cambon bags, a necklace (the CC's aren't too visible) or earrings and my sunglasses. However, I've been wearing my Gucci horsebit only 4 CC logos that I can think of, but some are pretty tiny. :smile:
  7. For me it's only the bag and sunglasses. I am trying not to get into Chanel shoes and jewelry but love looking at the photos posted recently! I think 2 visible logos is fine, anymore might be overkill unless small, like the earrings.
  8. I would wear a walking billboard if Chanel made one. They could put a 1000 CCs on it and it wouldn't get to me.
  9. ^^LOL!
    I don't think its too much, but personally i might do either
    earring or a necklace
    bag or scarf
  10. Well, usually I just end up with a CC logo bag and CC logo earrings. (I don't count the sunnies).

    But, your scarf is beautiful, what season is it from? Where did you get it? If you don't mind me asking.
  11. It's from this Fall and they came in red and also an off white. We Torontoians are much like New Yorkers and wear a lot of black... and that's what I always pick.

    How can you not count a logo on your sunnies? :lol: They are loaded with CC bling on the side! Do you have the Camellias? They're pretty subtle.
  12. That's pretty funny! I never thought you could go over the top with chanel but now I guess it's possible!!!!:lol:
  13. Jayne,

    I have several pairs of Chanel sunnies, so if I wear big bold CC earrings, I'll try and keep the sunnies more simple. If I'm wearing stud earring, out come the bling sunglasses!!!

    I love :heart: the scarf, I'm going to see if I can find one in the US. Can I ask the retail on it? Is it Cashmere or Lambswool? I really like it a lot! :heart:
  14. Me personally, probably two.
  15. LMBO @ Erika!:lol: