How many Cartier watches do you own?

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  1. I have it ridiculous to want more???
  2. I also have two.....and I wouldn't mind getting a third :graucho: but wont be happening for quite a while - if ever.:smile:
  3. I had 3 up until 3 months ago when my house was broken into and all my jewelry was stolen. :sad:

    But I had the Roadster, Tank Francaise (small) and Must 21 all 3 were SS.

    I'm definitely replacing my Roadster in the very near future. I don't think wanting more than 2 ridiculous at all!
  4. as long as they are all different, its not ridiculous.
  5. 0

  6. I have 1 and definitely would love to get more. It's YG love jewelry watch with diamonds.
  7. 1 - (Tank Francaise midsize in SS)

    In general, I'd say put your money toward something else , perhaps other wardrobe or jewelry staples. I'm curious, though, which watches do you already have, and which one are you eyeing?
  8. I have one ss roadster w/pink face since April 2008. I'm itching to buy medium ss ballon bleu automatic tomorrow. But I'm making myself wait until end of October. And then I'm DONE!
  9. 0 :sad:

    Would LOVE a Ballon Bleu and Roadster someday!
  10. 1- a Cartier panthere

    I do not think it is crazy to want a lot of something you enjoy.
  11. One. Radonya in 18YG with a leather strap.
  12. none. and let me say i am very sad by this. i adore the cartier pasha.
  13. One, Tank Francaise.
    I don't know that I would get another Cartier, but I don't think it is ridiculous if that is what you really want! Enjoy!
  14. None! But hopefully one day. :smile:
  15. Thanks for your support :smile: I have two everyday-wear ones - Pasha C in midsize in black which is sporty, and the Tank Francaise in midsize ss which can be casual or dressy. I don't have one particular one I'm dying to get but some day I will get a more blingy one. I love watches!!