How many Carlys do you have?

  1. I'm getting the chocolate carly as a christmas gift. I'm having a hard time finding a nice black bag. I brought the Shopper but its too much of a bag for what its purpose would be. I have a everyday black bag I just need one for night when I get dressed up and go out. I'm thinking of getting the medium carly for that purpose but I'm already going to have a chocolate one. Does it make sense to have the same bag in different colors?
  2. I say get em in different sizes! Large Chocolate and a Regular Carly in Black!

    I dont like the slim one, too slim for me.

    But its fine to do that, in Tokidoki, I have the same print in 5 bags.
  3. It's the same thing as buying the same shoe in 3 different colors!!!

    Go for it!!!
  4. Yeah if you like the bag style, get it in as many colors as you want! I love the Carly and I'm going to end up with at least 3 by the time I'm able to buy the others I want. All large ones.
  5. Like you (i hope) i'm getting a carly for Xmas.. right now color is undecided. I'm hoping for either black or brown.. i'm not sure if that is the some color you're referring too.


    So depending on whether it arrives in brown or black. I will be getting this in the other color.


    But back to you, I dont think there is any wrong with getting one bag in several colors if you really like that bag.
  6. I think it's fine to get the same bag in different colors! If you'll use it, go for it!
  7. It's totally up to you.. if you love the bag enough to have it in more than one color, go for it, and enjoy it! :tup:
  8. I have 2 large ergo hobos in different colors so yeah, I think 2 carlys would be OK :smile:
  9. 3! Large khaiki/saddle, Large chocolate and, Large chili:drool:
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  10. Thanks everyone! Like one poster said, if I were to buy the black Carly, I'd get it in the medium.The one I'm getting for christmas is a large. So at least they'd be in two sizes and it is my favorite style. Thanks again everyone. I'm on my way now to return the Shopper so unless something else catches my eye I'll get the Carly.
  11. I have only one Carly (medium kaki -black sig) and I plan on getting a medium black leather for my Christmas- birthday present.:yahoo:
    In the future I plan on getting the medium chocalate sig Carly.

  12. I have 3 Carlys... a large Chocolate, a med khaki/beet, and a small chocolate one. Each one has a purpose and I love them all!
  13. If you can afford it, get it. Its definately ok to get the same bag in different colors. Especially when its a Carly. I love them. I'm waiting for the new colors that will be coming out.
  14. I have two medium carly's, khaki/saddle and chocolate leather.
  15. I have one (large leather black) but I want the medium in Chili...sigh. I love Carly too much!