How many cards (CC size) fit into the different cles?

  1. What's the max amount of cards you can fit into your cles and comfortably close it? Like how many fit into the Mono/Damier, the MC, Epi, Suhali...?
  2. my MC cles can fit 6 atm & credit cards
  3. Right now I have 10 cards, a driver's license, and two different insurance cards. The license and insurance cards are thinner than the other cards. This is in a mono cles, which I understand holds more than the MC, vernis, suhali, etc. Funny how that simple little cles is one of the most useful things in my purse! I also have a cerises cles (same size as mono) and I keep cash and coins in that one. I do not find a cles the best thing for cash as you have to fold it and if it rides up to the top the bills can get caught in the zipper. I very rarely use cash though (only in places where they don't accept cc and that's basically the dollar store), so my system works great for me.
  4. MC- max 4
    mini mono- max 8
    vernis- max 6
  5. I can't get 6 in my venis cles ??? 5 is really tight, hmmm?

    Charm Pochette cles holds a lot more, 15 easily.
  6. My mono holds 10, but then it's hard to get fingers in !
  7. I just did a test on my cles, (the perfo one) it fit 17-18 cards with the hook piece inside, or one razr phone and 7 cards
  8. Oh really ? The perfo one holds a Razr ? Augh, I thought that I would have to buy a plate but that is some really good news !
  9. yeha thats the great thing abotu the perfo, it fits my phone and cards so its easy to find when i attach it outside my bags, no more searching through the bag untill you miss the call! i have noticed that the perfo streches over time though, i use it almost everyday when i first got it it could only fit the razr and 3-4 cards depending on their thickness, not it can hold three more cards (or some folded cash for me)
  10. thanx for the answers! any opinions on the suhali ones?
  11. Mono cles, I have 12 cards, and 3 debit receipts. No issues closing it.
  12. what about the damier one? (i have one but am too lazy to check it out)
  13. In my mono right night has 6 cards, coins and's pretty heavy..
  14. this is a really useful and informative thread. i had the same question.
  15. vernis cles - 10 paper cards (business cards and the like), 1 Credit card, some coins and the handle thingie inside..if I take the handle thinigie out and the coins I can prolly put 1-2 more plastic cards in, or about 4 paper cards.