How many carats is too much for diamond tennis bracelet to be worn everyday??

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am purchasing my first diamond tennis bracelet and I am wondering the carat total weight (CTW) of all your diamond tennis bracelets.

    I am 25, and LOVE jewelry and diamonds and will be wearing it mostly everyday but I am wondering what you CTW you think is too much for everyday wear and what size diamond tennis bracelet do you have??
  2. mine is prong set and around 5.5-6 cttw and I wear mine everyday - even to the gym!
    If you do a search, you can see pics of mine.
  3. Well, I have one that is over ten carats and it honestly looks fine to be worn daily. I have never had anyone tell me it looked too large.

    I think you just have to start trying all sizes on and see what you feel best with. You will know when you find it.

    You also have to decide how much your max to spend is. That plays a factor in it as well if you want well matched and nice quality.

    Have Fun!
  4. It is a buyers market right now. Please shop around & don't hesitate to wheel & deal. I am looking for a diamond bracelet & I have gotten bids which spanned a difference of $10,000 with the cheaper one being the better quality. Which makes no sense except I think some of these companies are trying to liquidate their inventory.
    If you get a chance to come to Vegas for the jewelry show at the Mirage in early March, you can get some really great deals. Most of the booths are the wholesalers who sell to the jewelry stores.
  5. Wow, I never thought there could be such a thing!!! Too big? Nothing!
  6. I have three. Two are posted in the tennis bracelet reference library with size reference for individual stones and total carat weights. Daily, I wear the close to 5 ct prong set on my left wrist together with my watch. On my right wrist, I wear either the 6+ carat bezel set or my 2 carat prong set bangle (diamonds half way around). I wear the bangle when I want a more casual look for a day with my kids or when I do things around the house or yard, which require lots of wrist movements. The size and carat weight really depend on your life style. Mine varies from work and play, so I like bracelet of different sizes. :smile: If you are more active, smaller carat weight, like 3 cts to 5 cts. might work better.
  7. ITA! :lol:

    For what it's worth I own 3 bracelets (also in the library) 2 of which are 6 cttws and one 8 cttws and I wear all three during the days( not all at once tho). I don't think any size is "too much" by itself but what other jewelry you are wearing along with the bracelet might factor in a little.
  8. i wear my 2cttw, 4cttw or 5 cttw daily - not together tho. my 12cttw is a bit much for daytime in my opinion: evening only. be careful: i did knock a diamond out of the 4 cttw once - i think it's in my chest freezer! i did get it replaced. wear whatever is comfortable for you... i wear mine with my watch on my left hand -i'm right handed. have fun shopping!
  9. I'ld say 5 cttw is fine!:tup:
  10. 10 carats wear it everyday princess cut platinum.
  11. my definition is it's never too much for wearing diamond:tup:
  12. NEVER TOO BIG! I have a 12ct...wear it everyday, together with a multi saphire and diamond bracelet. I have the ring to go with the multi saphire so I just keep it on. I started with a 5ct, moved up to 8ct, then the 12ct. Buy from a jeweler that lets you upgrade. After a year or two you may want to go bigger. If you started with a 5 or 7ct bracelet and upgraded later, you won't get hit with a huge pricetag up front. On the other wrist I wear 4 2ct slip-on bangles with a diamond bezel watch. I did have an extra safety clasp put on my tennis bracelet which I would suggest to everyone...they do loosen up in time.
  13. 3-5ctw sounds about right to me. i just wear a jade bangle and im good =)
  14. Mine is 10 total carats and it's beautiful. I don't wear it everyday, though, b/c my lifestyle is pretty casual and it wouldn't look appropriate.
  15. I have an 8ct I wear everyday with no problem. I think it really depends what you are comfortable with