How many Carats is this diamond?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    so i just brought a ring, Im told its 0.50ct but i disagree, looks a lot less.
    Can i have opinions, how big does it look?
    Thank you

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  2. How wide is the shank on the ring?
  3. You can just measure the diamond and look at this chart:

  4. I am assuming it's a 2.5mm wide shank, since you haven't replied, so to answer your question, yes it's most likely around a half carat, possibly a hair over. Without measurements or details we can't really tell you anything though. Who is telling you it is, and why are you questioning them?
  5. Hi Ame
    sorry for not replying, I had a busy unsettled night with my teething toddler.
    I brought it off a woman on ebay, who says her hubby got it from a respected jewelers in their home town, who told him it was half a carat, he paid over 800 for it new. Shes only worn it a few times hence the sale.
    I managed to buy it for £115, so im thinking surely i wouldnt get a half carat diamond that cheap?
    Its a genuine diamond she assures me and 18ct gold.
    Its meant to arrive today via special delivery, i just think looking at the photos it seems smaller then a 0.50ct diamond. She said its single stone, not illusion set.
    Heres the odd thing though, she tells me it measures 3mm across, but that would make it only 0.11ish of a carat and it looks bigger then that....maybe something dodgy going on? lol
  6. When it arrives, you can take it to your jeweler & the can measure it. Your jeweler should also be able to test/examine it to determine whether it's a real diamond. Pictures are not very clear & it's hard to say without knowing the measurements.
  7. My engagement ring is 0.74, so based on the picture you show, I believe your new ring probably is .50.
  8. Assuming it has arrived, make a trip to a respectable jeweler and have the stone measured with calipers and tested.
  9. +1
  10. I wouldn't get too worked up if it was 115£.
  11. It looks right to me.
  12. Did you find out what it was?
  13. Don't forget also you have to take into account the depth of the diamond. If it's very shallow, it's going to have a bigger crown, and therefore appear to be bigger than it actually is. Looking at it I'd say it's .50 roughly.
    I've seen a .65 diamond that looked from the top as though it was a 1 carat diamond. Viewing the diamond from the side there was very little depth to it.