How many calories should one consume on a diet?

  1. I've heard anything from 1200 to 1800? Anyone clarify this? Thanks!
  2. I think it really depends on your metabolism and how many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight. For example, if I usually eat 1800 a day to maintain my weight then anything less would constitute going on a diet IMO. If I cut 100 per day I'll lose 1 lb in 35 days since 1 lb = 3500 calories. Something like that...
  3. It does vary according to body type and metabolism, but never under 1200, typically around 1500 is a good amount because you can have enough lean meat, fruits and veggies and still stick to that.
  4. It also depends on your age.
  5. If you don't know your maintenance level, a rough guessitamate is 10-12 times your body weight in calories for weight loss, 14-16 times bodyweight for maintenance.
  6. There is a great online calculator from Baylor University, where you can figure out how many calories you need to maintain weight, how many to lose. You enter your weight, height, how active you are, etc. You'd be surprised at how high the numbers are. A lot of people think that 1200 is the magical weight loss number. However, 1200 is way too low for most people. Sure, you'll lose weight, but that's because you're not eating anything! Most people who go on low-calorie diets will lose weight at first, but then fail at maintaining because they've been eating so little for so long that it backfires.

    I'm 5'5", weigh 130-135 range, I'm guessing (I don't weigh myself :P ), work out 5-6 days a week and I need around 2200-2300 calories to maintain my weight. If I wanted to lose a pound a week, I'd cut 500 calories from my daily intake. That puts me at 1700-1800 calories a day.

    How many calories you need to eat does depend on the individual, but anything less than 1500 and you risk pretty much starving yourself and getting into the yo-yo diet cycle.

    I don't have the link to the calorie calculator here at work, but I'll try to remember to post it tonight when I get home :smile: It's a pretty neat tool.
  7. 1200, then to maintain add on an extra 200cals.
  8. Here's the Baylor calculator - Adult Energy Needs and BMI Calculator I put in my numbers and it says I need around 2400 calories/day to maintain my current weight. The whole point is... eat eat eat! There is no need to drastically cut calories, it does nothing but possibly create unhealthy eating habits.
  9. I agree with Cristina. I've never had a problem with my weight until started thinking about it and being aware of it. Since then, it's been very up and down (give or take 5lbs). Just try to eat health, in small portions and frequently and if you're trying to lose weight some exercise. In terms of calories, it's from 1200-1800, depending on your weight, but never below 1000 cal.