How many calories is healthy???

  1. How many calories is it healthy (or, so, you're not over-eating) for a person to consume daily????? I'm just wondering, what number would be healthy, too less, or too much. Thanks.
  2. That's not an easy answer, because it differs for every individual. Some people only need 1200-1500 calories and others based on their activity level need 2200+.

    Here's a calculator you can use to determine how many calories you need daily:
  3. ^Agreed.

    Calorie intake can't be simply generalized by a person's weight, a person's height, or even their weight and height. The more muscle a person has, the more calories they need to sustain those muscles. It's a proven fact that people who have more built up muscle require more calories. That's, obviously, why athletes need to eat high-protein and high-calorie diets (unless you're a wrestler and need to keep your weight down).

    Just eat sensibly and in moderate portions and you should be fine.