How many BVs are too many? please help! :-)

  1. I have a BV medium veneta in naturale (v.close to camel), a large ebano campana, a limo chain bag and a blue/grey classic knot clutch. I love bags and have quite a few from other designers. The only black bags I have (for work/daytime use) are a black leather Chanel Coco Cabas and a Chanel Grand Shopping Tote with gold h/w. I'm thinking of getting another black bag and a large veneta has been on my mind for a while. I just don't want to be known as the girl with too many similar bags. Obviously they are all the same criss-cross leather and I can't spend £4k on an exotic skin BV.
    What do you think? On one hand I'm open to enablings for a large veneta, on the other I am also open to suggestions for any other classic black bag ideas you have (doesn't have to be BV - anymore YSL enabling Ms P?!) Thanks everyone x
  2. First you should ask yourself what is the purpose of this bag? Will it be for evening or everyday wear? Are you going to need alot of room? Or is it "replacing" one of your older bags? Do you want to carry it or a shoulder bag? Then I think you could go from there...I guess...
  3. Everyday bag for work, I should be able to carry it on the shoulder, can't be too small. I'll wear it mainly for work with suits. I don't want anything that looks too logo-ish.
  4. i love the pictures of marly's catalano campana. not woven but really beautiful. no logo. easy style-i have a large woven campana and love it. but for the catalano campana i'd get the medium. different leather and different look. less slouchy but heavier. i love the inside of the bag. as you can tell i'm thinking of one for myself. hope this helps.
  5. i have a large nero veneta and think it's a great overall black bag. i think it's professional for work and chic for going out.

    LV black epi sac plat is nice-very classic and not flashy at all.

    or how about a miu miu nappa spring satchel? it's easy to carry and it can be used as a messenger bag too. It's actually very roomy and can fit documents nicely.
  6. Ha ha ha, yes I could do more YSL enabling : the classy and edgy black RG with gold hardware or the classic and chic Muse in black patent. Both are equally gorgeous, roomy and easy to use.

    I would also suggest the black Prada gauffre with gold h/w (either the satchel or the larger one). It’s more a hand held but could be worn messenger style too. I like Miu Miu’s black Coffer with gold h/w too, not sure if you find that a tad faddish. I personally like the whimsical shape of the bag.

    For BV, I agree the Nero Veneta is beautiful with such luscious sheen. Of course you could never have enough BV but you could always add diversity to your bag collection.

    Incidentally, I’m also in the market for a black bag (I only have one now, Tod's Kate Medium) and these are the ones I’m considering. ;)
  7. Ok, here is the problem: I now want both a veneta nero and a miu miu and possibly ysl. I need more moneeeeey!
  8. Ebruo, would you consider a Montaigne? That's a style I'd like to look into more closely. You can carry it on the shoulder and it is definitely roomy, from what I've seen. Good luck with your decision!
  9. Dear 24 Faubourg, fab idea! I'll look into it and report back.
  10. I think you can't go wrong with a Black Veneta! Personally, I find the Muse bags too heavy, so these are my suggestions:

    - Black Montaigne (As 24 mentioned, it is really quite roomy - can easily fit a 750ml bottle of water)

    - Miu Miu Satchel in Black (I'm absolutely in love with it!)

    - Balenciaga Bowling in Black (It's a North-South bag, which makes it look less casual than the rest of the Motorcycle bags, while still edgy, and it's tall enough to fit documents and even a laptop)

    Decision decisions decision! :biggrin:
  11. Ah, I have a hard enough time deciding amongst BV bags; throw in other designer bags and I'm totally in a quandry! I like the montaigne--classic BV intrecciato weave, but different look from your other BV's.
  12. To make things even more complicated, my black Birkin w/gold hw is due soon. Mind you, it's 4 times the cost of a BV! Arrggghhhh!
  13. ^ E!!! Tha'ts like striking gold!!! The black with gold h/w is hard to come by (well at least over this side of China, lol). I feel terrible saying this, go for it! <pls don&#8217;t shoot me BV lovers>
  14. I have just called my SA at Hermes and said "Hi, this is Ebru, I don't know if you remember me..." And she goes "35 togo gold hw Birkin, I know". I was like wowza! I must have made such an impression (not necessarily a positive one!) I went on the waiting list back in April and she remembers! Anyways, she reckons the bag should arrive Sep/Oct. Eeeeeek. I really want it as well as the black veneta, but the former will be stretching my budget big time. I think you're right, Ms P, nero veneta is always accessible and the Birkin is just so gorgeous. Not sure what to carry for my docs when I travel for work though. I can't carry my black epi briefcase and the birkin together. Oh well, I can't believe I'm contemplating spending that much on a bag!!!
  15. Ebruo, congratulations!!! It'll be worth every penny, I can almost guarantee it. I'm so biased. LOL A 35cm is perfect for documents!

    For your next BV, however, I see a Nero Montaigne!!!