How Many Bra's Should A Woman Have?

  1. How many bras do you girls have? I'm wondering what the average is... I have three that I alternate between, they're all Victoria's Secret bras; one is from the very sexy collection, and the other two are secret embrace bras. Is this a normal amount, or am I being negligent? What about you guys?
  2. I think I have like 12. Is that too many??? :confused1:
  3. i have between 20 - 30.. different styles, casual, dressy, for hubby :biggrin:
  4. I think I have 10
  5. I have 12.
  6. I think I have 10-12 (maybe more not sure) all from VS except 1 that is for exercising.
  7. i think 12 is a good average number. i have one for each day of the week lol all from vs, very sexy, and one angels embrace strapless.
  8. I only have 3 VS bras. I have a hard time finding ones that are comfortable for me, so I just stick with those!
  9. I think I have about 10 as well... I have more, but since I don't use them, they don't count.
  10. About 7-8.
  11. I only have 6. I wear each twice before washing.
  12. ChiChi--I love the dog in your avatar!! Too cute!!

    Back OT--I think I have 25-30 bras, 7 of which I wear as 'everyday'. The others are just special occasion ;)
  13. I have about 7 that are in normal "rotation" and probably about 3 others that are "special" for certain types of clothing, like a strapless, one for exercising, a convertible, stuff like that. :smile:
  14. I have a bunch.... but 4 are my favorites and they definitely get more use than the others... sometimes I forget that I have others:p
  15. I have 5 that I actively use.. but more that are there just incase I need them.