How many boys browse this forum?

  1. I'm just wondering.. Since this is a handbag forum.. LOL.. Any boys in here??
  2. There are guys around here??
  3. ^^Hhaha Charles-not quite sure you qualify as a "boy"-might be a little long in the tooth for that-LOL!

    BTW-sooooooo glad you changed your AV!
  4. Long in the tooth? What does THAT mean??
  5. there are several guys that post in the LV section

  6. Well, when I hear the word boy, I think of someone under 16.
  7. Bart browses under my username sometimes when he's on my laptop and reads anon while he's away...But he doesn't make any posts :smile:

  8. You're old! :p

    j/k...but that's what it means
  9. of course :yes: there's 3 that i know in b bags forum
  10. I've seen 3-4 on the LV Forum....
  11. Charles, you're a boi? :p
  12. Omg!!! I think there's a few boys on the forums if you look real hard. Idk, (Im not making fun of anybody, Im being honest, like wanting an answer honestly.) is it ok for boys to like handbags or does that usually mean that they're gay??? Cuz i really dont no, all the boys I've been around like if they like handbags than there gay, but there's got to be straight men that like them too, right?? (Maybe its just cuz the only men I've been around were not interested in handbags, or if they were, I remember they liked guys too.) Does anyone else ever wonder about this too??? Boys can be straight and like handbags, right???
  13. John 5 is one of the fabulous moderators in Louis Vuitton!
  14. I came here looking for info to help me buy some things for my girl.

    However, I'll read the general discussion forum every now and then. It's interesting to see the topics of discussion. It's a nice change from the other forums I go to which are mostly car related.
  15. Clever way to find out what girls like. Good job for that.