How many books do you usually read at a time?


How many books do you usually read at a time?

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  1. I'm the same way. My DH doesn't get how I can enjoy rereading same books over and over but then he doesn't like to read:rolleyes: Most books I own(paperbacks) are the ones that I read many times already.
    Kindle is great though because if I don't like the book, I will just delete it and bingo, no clatter!
  2. Usually 2-3, although sometimes I read more at once.
  3. I usually have 1 mystery going at all times and then 1 to 2 more books depending on the subject matter. Right now I am reading Dostoyevsky's Demons and Travels in Siberia by Ian Frazier and Jar City by Arnaldur Indridason.
  4. Usually just the one.
  5. Just the one. I get obsessive though - time doesn't matter other than I've got to finish it. Probably the reason that I tend not to read as much as I can, lol.
  6. I'm the same way.
  7. Most people I know are done with a book once they've read it. But I always want to read it again if I've enjoyed reading it the first time so I've always kept my books after reading especially if they are hardbacks.

    Oh, what a disappointment, all your books gone. Glad you have been able to replace some of them.
    I always flinch when the interior designers on the design shows, throw out all the clients books because they don't like the way they look. Obviously they don't read much, lol.

    It really is nice to hear so many of us save our books for later reading.
    I belong to a couple of groups where a lot of the people will bring in boxes of books and give them away when they "clean out". Some of them are nice hardbacks that were expensive to buy, and I always think, no way would I be getting rid of them, lol.

    On the other hand a friend of mine has a group of friends that read a lot, and when they finish books they pass them on to one of the others, and she seems to have a never ending supply of books to read.
  8. very much agree!
  9. just one
  10. one
  11. I usually read just one, unless I have others assigned for school.
  12. I usually juggle reading 2 books at a time as I only go to my local library once or twice a month. And each time, I'd have checked out 10 books or something and I just get so excited about reading them. :p
  13. usually 2..whenever I got depressed at the plot of a book I switched to another and after a while I'll come back to the first one..;)
  14. I like to break up potential monotony (or curtail my own impatience) with various genres. Right now I'm reading one hard core fantasy, a fantasy/fiction, an autobiography, and a murder mystery.
  15. I usually try to read one and listen to a different audiobook while in the car during my commute to work.