How many books do you read?

  1. I've been going to the library once every two weeks and picking up hardcover books for 25-50 cents each. Most are books from the New York Times bestseller list and I am sure they are quite a few months old but I just want some reading to do and really don't care if it is not the book of the week. So I have been reading 2-3 books a week. I hardly watch TV and would rather read a book but my friends think it is so strange that I am not hooked on TV shows for 5 hours a night. I mean you can't even talk to them when their shows are on. So are there any other readers out there?

    I did have one friend who would not allow any TV's in her house. She and her husband took up pottery to pass time and started a business later on---so that was pretty cool.
  2. I read at least 3 books a week - I'm a really avid reader and I read very fast. We don't own a TV. Never felt the need to. My son reads a lot too, and i think it's because he doesn't have the distractions of other media. Whatever news, weather reports etc are easily obtainable off the net.

    I stick the amount of money I'd have been paying for cable every month in my son's college fund, LOL!

    EDIT: All my family know I read so they come to me for book recommendations. I finally set up a blog - link here.
  3. I'm a mix of both worlds. If I have the time, I will ALWAYS choose a book over TV. Before my son, I used to read maybe 3 books a week (one fluffy fun book, one mainstream, and usually one classic) and a couple of magazines.

    Now my TBR pile is HUGE, and I just don't have the time to sit down and read. I'll go through maybe one book in 3 weeks. I do read lots more magazines now because the smaller articles and easy reading fits into my lifestyle. My subscriptions vary from The Economist to Life & Style (lol.. that's my guilty pleasure).

    I went for 5 years without cable (just used the TV for DVDs) and I did just fine, but now I'm so hooked. Like your friend, I tell everyone not to call me during Lost, Grey's Anatomy, American Idol, etc. :p One good thing with me is that I don't just idly watch tv. I only turn it on for my shows.

    My biggest impediment to reading more is probably the internet. It's an addiction that's hard for me to limit.
  4. I read about a book a week. I have a 45 minute trainride to work each day. It definitely helps me pass the time. I tend to vary what I read too -- right now I am on a non-fiction kick. Maybe we could start a list of suggested readings?
  5. There's a "what are you currently reading" thread that has some reading suggestions... I'm avoiding it because I have way too much in my TBR pile already. :p
  6. I'm a huge reader. During the week, not very much b/c I get home somewhat late. However, on the weekends I love reading and have always been a very quick reader.
  7. I would read more if I could! I've started reading in bed before sleep, commuting to work, and on saturday/sunday mornings. I recently finished Fight Club, Kissing in Manhattan, and Youth in Revolt. I'm moving on to Love in the Time of Cholera this weekend!
  8. Do books on tape count? I listen to those every day back and forth work- I probably "hear" about 3 books a week. I got the habit from my mom.
  9. I read as much as I possibly can. Right now, it's only 1-2 books a week, but I only have time to read in the evenings before bed right now.
  10. I buy books all the time, I joined so many book clubs that I can't keep count. I even joined under my BF's name too. :lol: Best deals are on Literary Guild. My mom is an avid reader as well and I constanly go over to "borrow" her newly purchased books.
  11. About 3-5 books a week..... I keep a running list of books I want to pick up in Delicious Library, and I check the new release fiction stacks at the library when I go..... I am at the library at least once a week, and I always have 10-20 books out.....

    If you are using a Mac, I recommend the following apps to feed your library addiction:

    Delicious Library for keeping track of books you have read/own/want to read ($40) (integrates nicely with

    Book Burro for finding out if books are available at your local library while you are checking them out on

    Library Books, for keeping track of books you have out on loan/holds:
  12. i try to read a book a week form library...:tup:
  13. I love to read but often go for a while without reading. I usually carry a book in my purse for times when I have to eat lunch away from home to read. But usually when I'm home I get so busy with other things I sort of read in spurts.
  14. i read about one book a week in my non busy work times. i wish i could read more during the busy work season, but no way! i end up just reading the nytimes online during those periods

    i never watch tv either, i find that watching tv is a time waster and i always regret turning it on and getting sucked into some show i don't even like!
  15. ME TOO. but i have many, many shows.:tup: i love good television more than anything else. but really- book, film, good scripted television...they're all good storytelling and that is something i love, in ANY form. i can't discriminate, quality can come from any of those. personally, absolutely no offense to anyone here or in general, but i think saying all tv is crap and worthless compared to books, that is a very limited and close minded perspective, imo.

    as far as book go, i read fast too, i try to read 1-2 a week, but if i've got a lot of writing work going on, and i'm watching alot of my shows, it doesnt happen. and i agree, the internet def does effect how much time i spend reading....:shame: