How many boogies are too many boogies?

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  1. I am new here and have immediately been sucked into Tano addiction. I have a pomegranate boogie, and have ordered a truffle boogie. Now I want a green boogie! Is it completely crazy to have 3 of the same bags in different colors? I have never done this before, but I otherwise have only ALL black bags right now. And the boogie is the one style that makes my heart skip a beat every single time I see it. Should I go for 3?? Or should I just chill out for a while and hope this mania runs its course? Help me, please! :P
  2. People collect boogies, MAMS, days, city's... look in any SF here and you will see collectors with the same bag in a rainbow of colors. Personally I would branch out and try a different style, but if its truly the perfect bag for you, go for it!
  3. I think the Boogie is one of the most "classic" looking bags out there and I plan on wearing them for years to come. That being said I say collect as many Boogies to your heart's content!
  4. There's no so thing as too many!! But I bet you would love other styles of Tanos as well, maybe the French Nanny.
  5. The answer to your question is:


    I've yet to find a more perfect bag.... I have a lot of Tanos and I adore them all and sometimes I have a hard time deciding which one I want to carry but I never, ever can imagine NOT having a want for another Boogie. They are.... just.... spectacular.
  6. Boogies rock! I agree with Voodoo, you can never have too many! I only have one but I can forsee MANY more in my future. It holds so much, looks insanely chic, and is SOOOOOOO comfy!
  7. They DO look insanely chic, don't they?
  8. ^Yepperooni! I wore mine out and about with the kids today and got so many compliments. I was actually very surprised and quite flattered! I usually feel pretty frumpy and frazzled when I'm out with the kiddos (three girls 5 and under!), but today I felt FIERCE! :yahoo:
  9. I already have a French Nanny and I am strongly considering another, so I definitely understand the love of one style! If it is the perfect bag for you and you feel good carrying it, how can it be wrong to have it in 3 colors? And believe me, if your heart is set on a Boogie, nothing else can take its place.
  10. If it makes you feel better.. I own two sexbombs, five of the EXACT same purse by coach (plus matching wristlets) in one style in five different colors, I have all four of the same wristlet by coach in different colors, etc! If something works for you.. go for it. In fact, I think it's more silly to have 10 different black purses than to have one style in multiple colors ;)
  11. My philosophy is if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!! I currently have three Boogies (lawn, apricot and grape). I am seriously considering getting a black some time this season since it has a black trim and I'm afraid they will go back to brown next season. I think the black on black is just killer sexy. But the rate I'm going I'm adding 2 Boogies per season...and I have no intent of stopping!
  12. 2 boogies per season lol pretty soon you're going to need a boogie showcase area! and yes, I'd get the black with black when you can... hot!
  13. If you find a style that just works for you and you love it, I say get another color! Sometimes it takes us so long to find that right 'fit,' that when we discover it, you just know. If you just 'know' and you can afford it, I say go for it!

    I do this with shoes. If they're a great fit and style, I get one in brown and one in black.
  14. ^^ Ha ha, I do this with shoes (black and brown/tan), jewelry (yellow and white gold), jeans (dark and light blue)..... goes on and on!
  15. I do this too- with t shirts, jeans, shoes...I have done it in the past with bags but I no longer do so. With bags I like to have a variety of colors and shapes!