how many bolduc print GPs do Hermes make?

  1. hi all. remember the sage of my DH getting me the so-called "limited edition" GP in bolduc print lining in Chicago about 4 months ago? well my DH was in Paris CDG airport and he called me to say the store there had the same bag. he asked the SA about the bag and she said "oh, it's very new!", so he told her "well, how come if it is SO new i got my wife one in Chicago 4 months ago?" and she looked a bit deflated! my question is, are these bags really "new" or is this something Hermes say to make you buy one? are they now making loads with this lining as standard? sorry v cynical!
  2. New can mean different things to different SF never has GPTs with the silk lining so if they were to get one I'm sure they'd say it was "new", KWIM?
    For the leather GPTs I think there are 3 different designs...brown with orange Bolduc, Black with red "hermes", and red with Tohu Bohu.
    Yours was canvas with silk lining right? I've never seen one of those...ever! I do think they are pretty rare. :shrugs:
  3. I have seen brown leather GPT with the bolduc design
  4. Prada, remember, these bags are hand made, so it could be possible that this particular bag just made it into this store. I was informed only 100 were made in the entire world. And frankly, I have been to other stores and just haven't seen yours anywhere else. I saw one in NYC several months ago, that's it.
  5. My store had these since around Nov? last year and my SA told me they were a new thing but not a limited or special edition. I asked about the lining whether it was silk and he told me it was cotton. So, I dunno?? Lol!
  6. Oh man, now I want one!
  7. Prada, I saw the GP tote with bolduc lining in my local stores around Oct last year, they sold out pretty fast so it could be they come in limited pieces. :idea: I'm not sure if it's a Limited Edition, but it sure is pretty & unique!:heart:

    The one that you have (leather/toile with cotton bolduc ribbon lining) costs ~US$160 more than the unlined GP (same size).
  8. thanks, sorry for misleading, the lining is cotton with bolduc pattern x