how many black shoes???

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  1. so here i am hanging out at my bf's house. i was organizing the shoe area and realized this - i have 6 pairs of black shoes here at his house only. i can only imagine how many more i have at my own home. isn't it weird how one pair goes with one outfit but not with another??


    back row - cheapie patent peep toes, seychelles peep toes, carlos santana pointy heels, prada boots
    front row - michael kors sandals, prada sandas

    am i the only one or are you gals like this with black shoes too?
  2. I'm the same way. I have way too many black shoes but they're just so easy to match with clothes! And black shoes look so sexy!
  3. Black shoes are classics! Can´t really go wrong with them. You have some very nice shoes!
  4. Black shoes is like black pants, black tops, black bags, etc -- you can't have too many.
  5. I have tons of black shoes - at least 10 pairs from boots, peep toes, D'orsay pumps, mules, stiletto pumps... they're a wardrobe staple!
  6. I've probably got a dozen pair of black pumps, and one pair of black boots.
  7. You can never have enough black shoes! That's for sure :biggrin: I love your michael kors shoes!
  8. You can never have enough black shoes. There are tons of black in my wardrobe more in the winter than summer so I need all the corresponding shoes. :p
  9. I think I can use 3 fingers to count the number of black shoes I have. Usually I prefer to go for color shoes to add some vividness to my attires.
  10. I have just bought a pair of black Lanvin ballerinas and they're my first black shoes in ages.

    I usually prefer chocolate, or tan, as I wear a lot of black clothes and otherwise it can get a bit too funereal!

    I'm going to wear the Lanvins with my leggings, though and I, personally, think black leggings look best with black ballerinas. :biggrin:
  11. You can never go wrong with black!
  12. Never too many~~a friend of mine and I have a saying --when you're out shopping and you say " ANOTHER pair of black shoes? "- She says "and your point is?" --exactly--