How many BLACK chanels is too many?!

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  1. AHhh im not sure what to do, as I now have 5 black chanels and no other colors!! What do you guys think? I feel like each bag serves a different purpose even though they are all the same color!

    #1) Black hidden chain hobo (casual bag that fits a lot)
    #2) Black jumbo caviar with SHW
    #3) Black medium camera case with GHW
    #4) Black sevruga WOC with SHW
    #5) Black envelope WOC with GHW

    Whats wrong with me!? I have the option of returning the WOCs and dont' know what to do... I just feel like black is so practical and now I have the perfect combination of large and small bags with silver and gold!! What would u guys do? I still have the option of returning both or either WOC...:thinking:
  2. Return a woc and get a bright colored one in lieu. Or a whole bright flap. What about that fab purple??!!
  3. I agree with returning one of the WOCs and going for a color. I have only black and white Chanel bags as well and just started adding color into my collection with a red camellia WOC. I think a WOC is a nice way to ease into color, though I have black and white WOCs as well. Good luck with your decision!

  4. Although I believe that there is no such thing as too many black bags it seems like your whole collection consists of black bags! :P LOL so in that case, I would return the WOC and get something with color! Maybe nice Cobalt Blue Flap or Red Flap? Or maybe even a Red WOC? There are still lots of colors that will go with everything like white, red, grey, and beige.
  5. Amen to what the rest have said! Return one of the WOCs and get one in a colour that POPs!
  6. I agree with the other ladies; exchange at least one of the WOCs for a bright colored one. Since WOCs are small anyway, that pop of color is really nice and not too loud.
  7. Hi OP, I completely agree with what everyone suggested already! Return the WOC and get something red? something blue? Or perhaps get a pink or red flap to add some pop to your Chanel bag collection. Good luck!!!
  8. As long as you can afford them, there is no such thing as too many
  9. ^^ I agree! Black is such a great color- I would keep them all & start adding color to your collection!
  10. I agree, return one of the WOCs and get something with colour!!
  11. You can never have to many blacks! :nogood: But a pop of colour is also nice!
  12. Well, if black is your favorite color and I think you can keep as many as you want.
    However, adding a different color to your collection sounds fun!:graucho:
  13. I would like to know as well. I just don't find bright colored bags that practical and I think that if I strayed to more colored bags, I wouldn't use any of them. Black is my favorite color and thing to wear. I think a WOC is small enough, that if you'd like to vary it up then exchange for something else and that way you can test something else out. Otherwise you can never have too many Chanel, period.
  14. i like the sevruga in RED ;)